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Your team can collaborate in the cloud with Microsoft 365

The ongoing trend of workplace modernization is rapidly changing the world as we know it. It’s estimated that there are 10 billion connected devices in use in the world right now – the typical employee has two or more – and these devices are transforming the way people interact and the way they work. Employees now find themselves far more productive when they have flexibility around where they do their jobs, how they do them, and what devices and apps they use.

How can your business maintain a competitive edge in an environment like that? We know one thing for sure – Microsoft 365 can help. With Microsoft 365, people have the freedom to work from anywhere, using any device, and they’ll always be productive. It’s a comprehensive solution that includes email, calendars, file storage, a hub for teamwork, and all your favorite applications, working together to drive productivity.

Adopting Microsoft 365 should have a number of immediate positive impacts. One big one is simplifying file storage and sharing capabilities. Microsoft 365 makes it easy for business users to access and share content from anywhere, using Microsoft Teams desktop, web, and mobile apps. This enables people to connect and work together, even on multiple projects at once, and they can coauthor files simultaneously using apps like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Another key benefit is the flexibility to work anywhere on any device. You can open a work project on your personal phone; you can make changes to it later on your tablet, then complete it after that on your laptop. And because your business data stays protected by built-in mobile device management, you never have to worry about connectivity or security concerns throughout that process.

And you don’t have to work in a silo during any part of this, either. Microsoft 365 enables real-time collaboration with your teammates – you can arrange meetings easily using the scheduling assistant, and conduct them in a streamlined fashion using screen sharing and collaborative note-taking. You can communicate with co-workers using group chats or 1:1 dialogues, depending on your needs.

For all of this, it’s good to have a business partner you can trust to guide you through the process. And in Zones, you’ll have a team of IT experts who can bring you up to speed quickly and efficiently, using our battle-tested Microsoft Teams Quick Start Workshop approach. We’ll start by giving you an in-depth evaluation of your existing collaboration and communication tools, and from there, we’ll assess how your infrastructure aligns with your business priorities. We’ll use all of this information to draw up a customized roadmap for you to enjoy stronger teamwork and greater productivity.

Could your organization benefit from Microsoft 365 implementation? Keep surfing our website, and you can explore your options.

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