With Jabra technology, the whole world is your workplace

With Jabra technology, the whole world is your workplace

As employees have moved in droves toward working from home over the last year and a half, there’s been a large-scale trend of workplace modernization. Companies are doing everything they can to give people the new and emerging technologies they need. But they’re not modernizing just the workplace, per se – really, what they’re doing is putting IT everywhere. With the rise of remote and hybrid work, the reality is that people are scattered all over. What they need is technology that can help them work productively from anywhere on Earth.

Jabra is one manufacturer that understands this. Jabra works on the principle that the whole world is a potential workspace – and keeping people connected is what they do best. Jabra delivers professional-quality, next-level technology that ensures people can communicate seamlessly and work effectively, all without compromising on their productivity. This technology includes speakerphones, headsets, cameras, and more, and it’s all designed to give people a collaborative work experience that just works.

Many employees these days are embracing the trend of hybrid work – they work from the office sometimes, from home sometimes, and from “on the go” still other times. The challenge is to give people technology that will help them collaborate in all of the above settings. Jabra products can make this happen – largely because they offer impressive range. Their equipment is powerful, yet portable, with the ability to wirelessly cover distances of up to 30 meters. Plus, they’ve got battery life that just keeps going and going. This gives people the freedom to flex their schedules and work anywhere, anytime.

People these days use a wide range of productivity tools. They’ve all got different devices, different apps, and different ways of reaching out and collaborating with one another. But with Jabra, that’s never an issue. Jabra products have all the right certifications to work smoothly together with every aspect of your IT. You can always be certain that your favorite platform is completely compatible, with UC certification across the board. You can even use combinations of Jabra products together with your existing IT – phone and headset, headset and camera, and so on.

Jabra products also offer versatility. In this environment, you’ve always got to have the right tools to go where you want to. You need seamless connectivity, wireless collaboration tools you can count on, and premium portable designs that help you work in whatever style you’re comfortable with. This is what you get with Jabra – and as a result, you and your teammates can continue working the same way you always have, productively as ever, without skipping a beat.

This is what Jabra and Zones have always done. We’ve delivered products that make for better concentration and easier collaboration. And these days, as remote and hybrid work become the norm across the business world, it’s more important than ever to have the right technology. Jabra and Zones, with their robust strategic partnership, are here to give your people everything they need. Connect with us today and explore this partnership a little further.

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