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Move confidently into the era of hybrid work with Jabra and Zones

It’s never exactly been easy for organizations to master workplace modernization, but it’s only getting more difficult as we venture through 2021 and approach 2022. Why’s that? Because we’re all collectively figuring out that the future of work is hybrid. We’re going to have some co-workers working in the office, others from home, and still others somewhere in between, and our IT will need to cater to everyone, all at once. It’s complex, to say the least.

The good news is that Jabra is one manufacturer that knows the landscape and understands how to navigate it. At Jabra, there’s an understanding that the whole world is a potential workspace, and that keeping people connected is absolutely crucial. That’s why they deliver professional-quality, next-level technology that helps people communicate seamlessly and work effectively. Their offerings include speakerphones, headsets, cameras, and more.

Given the way people work today, with so many people spread out across so many disparate locations, it’s important to make collaboration easy, even for people who are half a world away. That’s where Jabra can play such a pivotal role. Jabra offers professional, next-level technology that helps people keep in touch with their teammates using clear video and crisp, clean audio. This makes for a truly collaborative work experience.

Video conferencing is an especially key component of this. In a previous era, meetings were the glue that held a business together; nowadays, people congregate remotely instead, using video. That’s why Jabra is such a key player. They’ve gone further than simply improving personal video – they’ve completely reinvented it. The Jabra PanaCast 20 delivers video capabilities the world has never seen before. This will help your organization adapt quickly to changing business requirements, accommodating remote workers all over the globe.

With the right technology, your business can set the new standard for hybrid working. This is important because, let’s be honest, hybrid work can be difficult. For one thing, it can be noisy. Sometimes the kids are home and being rowdy; sometimes your train is crowded, and it’s difficult to find a space to focus on your work. Through it all, you’ve got to have the right technology to block out distractions, communicate, collaborate, and get stuff done. That’s the potential that Jabra offers.

Jabra and Zones, together, have a chance to really transform the way your employees work. Jabra has always delivered products that make for better concentration and easier collaboration – and when you add in Zones services on top of that, it’s truly a winning combination. At Zones, we have a Remote Worker Solution that’s designed to make life easy for your distributed workforce, including everything from mobile device management to technical support, plus supply chain assistance.

Team up with Jabra and Zones, and we can make your Workplace Modernization dreams come true. Connect with us today, and you’ll see.

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