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With great IT, organizations can ease the burden of remote work

As our approach to work has changed in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, our approach to workplace modernization has changed as well. Simply getting people devices and apps is no longer enough – the objective today is to give people an entire infrastructure of productivity tools.

This was simpler during the pre-pandemic days. Most companies had everyone working together out of one central office location. So you simply made sure that location had solid IT in place, and you called it good. Things are different now, though. With so many people working remotely, all in so many different locations, you’ve got a whole new set of problems to deal with.

Business Insider recently zoomed in on this problem, looking at all the most difficult aspects of working remotely. Some of the challenges were predictable – people who work from home lack a structured social routine without co-workers around, and they don’t always have the easiest time communicating with others or building rapport. These roadblocks are to be expected. But interestingly, many remote employees all highlighted another problem too – they’re challenged to maintain stability with IT.

Workers reported that when they have problems with IT, those problems might not be resolved as quickly as they otherwise would be in the office, and this can lead to trouble maintaining productivity. Kate Crowhurst, director of Money Bites, said that even minor technical difficulties can have a way of spiraling out of control.

“While the flexibility of remote work can be excellent, the challenge comes when your Wi-Fi drops out or your computer doesn’t play ball,” Crowhurst said. “And then the IT guy on the phone is more concerned with logging a job than getting you back online so you can do your job.”

Problems like this are common. When your workers are remote, making sure they have all the IT they need can be daunting.

But here’s the thing: That’s exactly where Zones comes in. We offer a Remote Worker Solution that’s designed to simplify IT for organizations that are currently managing a distributed workforce. At Zones, we understand that you’re constantly juggling a number of logistical and budgetary challenges as you try to stay on top of your technology needs, and we want to make life as easy for you as possible. That’s why we offer an end-to-end solution that helps employees communicate, collaborate, and stay secure. It also streamlines behind-the-scenes IT processes such as procurement, asset management, tracking, and protection, all regardless of your location.

When you adopt a solution like this, the positive impact will be visible across the board. You’ll have an easier time getting visibility into your users’ devices, right down to the models and serial numbers in every single purchase order. You’ll enjoy simplified shipping and logistics, as everyone will get their devices in a quick and painless fashion. And you’ll have top-notch service for your technology throughout its full lifecycle, as we offer comprehensive technical support.

Managing IT has always been hard. As we work through a pandemic and an unprecedented boom in remote work, it’s only gotten harder. But with Zones’ help, your organization can continue to power through. With our top-down approach to IT supply chain configuration, logistics, implementation, and more, we make the complex easy. This means you and your people can focus on being productive, just like you always have been. To dive deeper into how our Remote Work Solution can drive success for your business, connect with us today.

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