Why businesses partner with Apple and Jamf for their DaaS needs

Why businesses partner with Apple and Jamf for their DaaS needs

Workplace modernization is a constant area of focus for IT decision-makers, but nowadays, the process is a little more complicated. In the current environment, many employees are working from home or otherwise remote – which means it can be more difficult to give them the devices and apps they need to stay productive.

This is why Device as a Service (DaaS) is so important. With DaaS, you have a fully managed solution for supplying employees with their devices – all you have to do is pay one fixed monthly subscription fee. No matter what people’s device needs might be, or how they might change, you’ll always be covered.

It’s important to note that often, the best way to meet those device needs is with a DaaS package centered around Apple and Jamf. According to a report from Apple, entitled “Global Survey: Mac in the Enterprise,” a majority of employees today are pro-Apple. The company surveyed a wide range of customers who work in IT and other roles on their brand of choice, and they found that 72% opt for Mac when given the choice.

Why? A wide variety of reasons, really. When workers were asked to identify the reasons why they chose Mac, they cited all sorts of factors, ranging from their personal affinity for the Apple brand to the reliability of the machines. They also mentioned the interface and overall design of the Mac, the continuity of connecting their Mac with their iPhone and iPad devices, and the familiarity factor. When you have a Mac at home, it’s easy to use one at work as well.

This preference for Mac computers was consistent across a range of different business roles. It wasn’t just IT professionals being surveyed – Mac users were also prevalent in fields like human resources, marketing, sales, engineering, operations, client management, finance, and more. This speaks to the versatility and ease of use that people get when they work with Apple and Jamf. No matter what you do for a living, a Mac can help you do it better.

When you delve into DaaS at your business, you’re making an investment. You’re spending money with the hope of making that money back (and then some) down the road. With Apple and Jamf, you have tangible proof that you will. In Apple’s study, 79% of respondents agreed that they couldn’t do their jobs as effectively if they weren’t able to use a Mac, and 94% said they were more likely to stay at a company that offered them choice in their work computers and mobile devices. Do the math: Those figures mean higher productivity and stronger employee engagement.

And at Zones, we have what it takes to help you unlock that value. We have strong partnerships with Apple and Jamf, which means we can collaborate with them to devise the perfect DaaS solution to fit your business. We understand that as organizations evolve, their IT needs change as well, and we’re ready to draw up a DaaS game plan that will help you adapt to these difficult times. Start working with us today, and find out for yourself.

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