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If you’re a little intimidated when you first hear the words “hyperconverged infrastructure,” it’s hard to blame you. After all, it’s a meaty phrase that describes a complicated idea. A hyperconverged approach to IT is one that involves tying together multiple threads from your existing IT environment and weaving them into a new, efficient, scalable system. It’s a big project that’s not to be taken lightly. But when implemented well, a new hyperconverged system can work wonders for the productivity and profitability of your business. At Zones, we have many such success stories to tell.

Here’s just one example. We worked with one client – a midmarket textile company based in Chicago that specializes in linen and laundry services – that presented a few unique challenges. The company has been around for over 130 years and now has locations scattered all across the country, which made it difficult for them to manage everyone’s data optimally. They had many data storage facilities with rack servers that were over 5 years old, which created issues with network speed, latency, and bandwidth. They also had a lack of central data management, which forced them to overuse their field technicians and overspend on other support. What the company really needed was an entirely new IT infrastructure, tailored to its needs.

Fortunately, data center transformation is one of the things we do best, and we were able to get to work quickly designing a new hyperconverged system. We began by running a Dell Live Optics Assessment for each of the company’s sites, coupled with a GetModern Assessment to gauge the client’s readiness for change. From there, we were able to develop a plan of attack, centered around a standardized Dell EMC VxRail configuration that delivered stronger connectivity, speed, and capacity. This enabled the client to maintain consistent operations and build toward 30% company growth.

Thanks to the work we did revamping this company’s data center, they now have the ability to manage all eight of their disparate locations using a single platform. This simple, streamlined design makes it easy for managers to simplify operations and cut costs, thus paving the way for a more profitable business long-term.

This case study illustrates much more than mere finance and process improvements, though. What it really shows is just how adept we are at walking clients through complicated IT projects, step by step – all the way from designing initial concepts to ultimately implementing and maintaining solutions. At Zones, we have a team of experts who can stitch hybrid technology into any IT environment quickly and seamlessly, which puts clients well on their way to a full digital transformation. And your organization could be next.

If you want more information on how Zones’ approach to hyperconverged IT infrastructure can transform your business, we’re happy to provide it. Our website is loaded with resources on this and many other aspects of Data Center Transformation.

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