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Virtualization can transform your company’s IT infrastructure

For many companies in today’s highly competitive, rapidly digitizing world, data center transformation is not merely a one-time project – it’s a constant challenge. No corporate IT leader should be content merely to revamp their data infrastructure once, then call it a day. Instead, they should always be looking for ways to make their approach to data more dynamic and easier to scale. Ideally, they’d do so in a way that maximizes resource utilization while minimizing costs.

Luckily, that’s exactly the idea behind virtualization, which involves creating a new infrastructure that’s capable of rapidly scaling and facilitating workload development. IT leaders are quickly coming to realize that with virtualization in their toolbox, they’re able to make their operations more agile than ever, and without increasing costs. This is why over 80% of enterprise server workloads today are running on virtual machines, and the market for data center virtualization is expected to reach a total value of $10 billion by 2023.

Having said all of this, there are a number of challenges looming for companies considering new virtualization strategies. For starters, security is more challenging now than it’s ever been – today’s cybercriminals have the resources to attack an entire network simply by infiltrating one machine. On top of that, managing many disparate resources is difficult as well. Virtualized networks can be complex, including a wide range of different machines and workloads, and the objective is to support all of them while maintaining business continuity through and through.

At Zones, we do everything we can to provide companies like yours with solutions to these challenges. We like to start with a Virtualization Assessment – an in-depth accounting of your company’s IT, operational, and business requirements that we use to size up your company’s virtualization needs. From there, we proceed to a Virtualization Design & Implementation process, which includes end-to-end services ranging from discovery to design to migration and deployment. Ultimately, we’re trying to move your IT from its legacy setting to an all-new virtualized environment as smoothly as possible.

There are many benefits to trusting Zones for your virtualization needs. First and foremost, our approach will work wonders for resource distribution – you’ll be able to easily eliminate idle capacity and maximize utilization of your IT assets. In addition, you can simplify the processes you use for IT management, prioritize security and regulatory compliance, and reduce costs across the board.

Virtualization is a growing industry, and there are many providers for you to choose from in today’s marketplace. But at Zones, we’re uniquely invested in providing top-notch service to clients at every step of their virtualization journey. Whether you’re just starting out with assessing your virtualization needs or you’re deep in the weeds implementing a new solution, we’ll always be there to lend a helping hand.

Want to learn more about how our virtualization services can transform your business? You’re in the right place – just click the link below.

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