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The world of work is demanding – but there’s a Mac for any business

As organizations look to implement workplace modernization plans, figuring out the device flexibility question is a big part of the challenge. It’s easy to see why.

Right now, employees are located all over the world, adopting all different working arrangements. Some are in the workplace; others are remote. Still others are drifting somewhere in between. IT’s role is to give them the right technology to thrive. It’s not about just any devices – it’s about the right devices to meet people’s specific needs.

For our money, Mac is able to meet that standard every time. Simply put, there’s a Mac for every business – and every application. If you’ve got an employee that wants a new level of power and performance, the MacBook Pro is perfect. If you want some power, but also a balance of portability for those days when you’re on the go, then the MacBook Air might be just right. In either event, you can work with Zones to find devices for everyone in your organization.

Compare and contrast MacBook Pro and MacBook Air

So which device is right for you?

If you regularly use heavy-duty apps as part of your work day, you just might find MacBook Pro to be the best fit. It’s the ultimate notebook, offering the best performance – and the latest models even offer a Touch Bar for increased productivity. And the new 13-inch MacBook Pro, with the M1 chip built in, is even more powerful and more pro.

If you need some more portability in your life, MacBook Air might be more your speed. It brings portability and performance in one lightweight package – and thanks to that new M1 chip, it offers you longer battery life than ever, too.

These new MacBook devices are truly next level, as they come fully loaded with a host of features you’ll have to see to believe. Thanks to the “performance per watt” configuration of Apple’s M1 technology, you’ll get more performance using less power every time you charge your device. You’ll also enjoy unified memory, as M1 unifies its high-bandwidth, low-latency memory into a single pool to give you better performance and power efficiency. And you’ll also have the option to upgrade your memory – you can either go up to 32 gigabytes of unified memory with M1 Pro, or up to 64 gig with M1 Max.

Simply put, Mac’s integrated hardware and software is better for business. Employees want computers that offer them high performance and productivity, and Apple delivers that. And at the enterprise level, IT leaders want to protect their data – and Mac does that too. A wide range of built-in features, such as the Touch ID mechanism on both MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, make it so security comes standard. Mac will make everyone’s lives easier, across your organization.

Why Apple and Zones

At Zones, we have everything it takes to get your people started with Mac at work. We’ll get you started with our Mac Eval Utility – we’ll take a deep dive into your IT environment, understand your needs, and draw up a plan to increase power and productivity for everyone in your organization. From there, we’ll leverage Apple Financial Services to help you make a Mac investment that’s realistic for your budget.

Our process is tried and true – and it could work for you today. Connect with us if you’d like to explore it further.

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