The ‘new normal’ requires a new approach to data backup

The 'new normal' requires a new approach to data backup

The work that goes into data center transformation looks dramatically different today than it did even a year ago. Everything used to be on-premises – the question was how to outfit your office with the best possible infrastructure to store and manage data. Now, however, people are often remote, and their data lives in entirely different places that are usually outside the office – including platforms such as Microsoft Office 365. This raises a key question: How should you handle data backup and recovery when you’re working with an entirely new infrastructure?

The truth is, you can’t expect Microsoft to handle all this work for you – rather, the responsibility is shared. Microsoft does have a physical security infrastructure built into its data centers, but that only partially covers you. If there’s a hardware failure or power outage on Microsoft’s part, they do have data storage replication and redundancy that can help you get your file back. But what if someone on your end deletes a file or otherwise corrupts it? Do you have recourse then? This is where your own IT team needs to step up.

Many organizations address this need by setting up daily backups of their O365 data, but even those manual processes may not be sufficient to keep your users fully covered. What happens if you back up all your files every day at noon, and then a critical error wipes out your key files at 12:02? Daily backups may seem thorough, but they’re not a foolproof solution. No – what you really need is to go beyond the manual labor of backup, using an automated approach that will cover all your bases.

That’s where Zones and Veeam come in. Together, we’re working to help organizations secure and protect their important business data – we offer a solution for Backup as a Service (BaaS) that will comprehensively address users’ Office 365 data. BaaS-O365 is a new managed service that provides complete backup and recovery for Office 365 Business and Enterprise files, including those housed in Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, and OneDrive for Business. It’s a tried, tested, and fully standardized version of an already successful data backup service.

Here’s how it works. With our BaaS solution, backups are automated, monitored, and managed around the clock. This all but eliminates the risk of human error, which frees enterprise IT teams up to concentrate on more value-driven tasks. If errors ever do happen – such as service disruptions or accidental file deletions – users can easily restore any individual items that they need, such as emails, OneDrive files or folders, or objects from a previous backup. BaaS-O365 also retains previous file versions, ensuring that even changes made during a given day are available for restore.

At Zones, we are fully committed to helping our clients achieve Data Center Transformation, and we understand that that process has shifted dramatically in 2020. We know that organizations today must be willing to shift their strategies to stay competitive, and we’re here to help them make that shift. Data backup is a big part of that – so, to find out more about how Zones and Veeam can support your business, reach out to us today.

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