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The MacBook Air® has everything your employees need to succeed

It’s been a tumultuous year for businesses all over the world, and it’s led many corporate leaders to realize something: that workplace modernization is more crucial now than ever.

Their efforts can no longer be focused on a “workplace” in the traditional sense; rather, companies are dealing with the fact that many employees are remote right now, usually working from home, and they’re tackling their daily responsibilities in unfamiliar ways. This means they must have the right technology for the job, or they won’t be able to keep up. And when you go looking for the right technology, it all begins with having the right laptop.

To that end: The MacBook Air® can provide a great foundation for your IT game plan. For professionals just getting started with Apple devices, the MacBook Air® is an affordable introduction to Mac®; for those who are already familiar, they may also see it as an affordable alternative to MacBook Pro®. Either way, it’s Apple’s most beloved notebook for a reason – it’s light, compact, and delivers a high level of performance, all at a surprisingly modest price point.

While the MacBook Air® offers something for everyone, it’s a laptop that’s especially valuable in corporate settings. It gives employees all the tools they need to make better business decisions on a daily basis, no matter where they are. It’s light and portable, meaning it’s ready to help you tackle business challenges anywhere, anytime. And because of its powerful, versatile connectivity and built-in advanced security features, it’s always reliable, every single time.

The design features built into the MacBook Air® deserve special attention. The portable design, for starters, is truly impressive – at just 2.8 pounds, the laptop is easy to carry anywhere. It’s also the most eco-friendly Mac ever, as its enclosure is made with 100% recycled aluminum. The brilliant 13-inch retina display will help users see beautiful visuals, and with over 4 million pixels, text will always be razor-sharp and images will be rich and vibrant.

Then, there’s the performance. MacBook Air® runs on 10th generation Intel® Core™ processors, which guarantee you’ll always have the level of performance needed to power your daily activities. You’ll have double the CPU speed that you’re used to, making it easier to do everything from editing and enhancing photos to creating new music. Plus, the connectivity benefits are versatile – MacBook Air® includes two Thunderbolt™ 3 (USB-C) ports to enable charging, data transfer, and video, all from a single connector. And with all-day battery life, plus up to 11 hours of wireless web access, you can keep working as long as you need.

Apple® has all the tools your business needs to stay connected, even during these difficult times. And at Zones, we are fully committed to helping make that happen. We’ve always specialized in Workplace Modernization – and even as the makeup of the “workplace” begins to change, we’ll still be behind you all the way. Whether your employees are returning to the office or staying remote for the long haul, we’ll be ready to deliver all the devices and services they need.

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