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The future of retail is mobile.

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Today’s business owners have seen how profoundly the digital revolution has changed the way they have to interact with their customers, as well as the way customers expect that interaction. With the rise of Millennials as the world’s largest shopping group, today’s customers demand a more interactive, tailored experience. One way that business owners provide personalization and mobility to consumers is by investing the Internet of Things (IoT) – a network of web-enabled physical objects like tablets, scanners, and smartphones. The results of a Zebra 2017 Retail Vision study found that by 2021, 87% of those surveyed plan to integrate a mobile point-of-sale solution into their businesses, and 85% plan to invest in tablets to give customers a mobile option for more detailed product information. For small businesses with only a single branch, this sort of modernization is relatively painless since owners only need to provide new technology for that one building; but for larger businesses with multiple branches, spurring that growth isn’t always easy. Is there an answer to the mobile integration question that fits businesses of all sizes?

Zones specializes in IT solutions that are both easy and versatile. We provide all the hardware that our clients need to dive into the future of customer interaction, whether it is mobile point-of-sale systems that accept credit or debit payments anywhere, or tablets to function as mobile information kiosks. Zones designs, deploys, and supports solutions built for IoT integration, so companies can receive a competitive advantage catering to the new generation of customers. And with the Zones nterprise project execution platform, we provide transparency into the process every step of the way. We can help modernize the customer experience for our clients, no matter where their branches are or how many they need to bring into the future.

The relationship between Zones and our clients doesn’t end once their business is fully modernized. We support new IT well into the future with our Lifecycle Management Services. We offer ongoing end-to-end services for our solutions, including an outsourced IT help desk, 24/7/365 monitoring services, and other specialized assistance. With Zones providing both solutions and support, our clients bring their businesses into a whole new world of productivity.

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