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The future of print technology is here


HP PageWide is reinventing office printing in more ways than one

It used to be a given in the print industry that if you wanted speed, you sacrificed quality – and vice versa. But HP stepped in and decided to disrupt conventional thinking and implement forward-looking investments in print technology.

It all began with the introduction of HP Scalable Print Technology (SPT), which included research and development in printhead technologies, advanced inks, materials, design rules, and precision production methodology.

And from there, SPT evolved into HP PageWide Technology; the latest HP printing innovation that outpaces the competition in numerous ways, and on practically every level.

Print speed

With print speeds reaching up to 75 pages-per-minute, HP PageWide Technology now earns the distinction of having the fastest printing speeds in its class. The ink is sprayed simultaneously across the width of the page in a single pass – a process that produces better quality output more quickly than traditional inkjet printers due to the accuracy of dot placement across a page.

Quality ink = quality prints

HP developed an advanced pigment ink in its private laboratory, a proprietary form of ink that was previously reserved for industrial printing and is characterized by superior durability, and strong resistance to water damage. Better still, you don’t have to wait for the ink to dry once it exits the printer – the finished prints are ready for display, right away.


A built-in service station inside the printer checks each nozzle’s performance and determines if it’s operating properly. HP’s optical drop detectors can see individual drops in-flight, and thousands of nozzles are checked every second. The service station cleans, wipes, and caps the printhead, and restores malfunctioning nozzles back to operation, as needed.

Security. Storage. Savings.

HP PageWide printers come with unparalleled, enterprise-class security, including embedded features that detect security threats and heal your multifunction printer, protecting it from boot-up to shut-down. For storage capacity, PageWide cartridge’s ink storage location is separate from the stationary printhead, which enables increased ink storage capacity – up to 20,000 for black and up to 16,000 for color – compared to 10,000 and 7,000 respectively from other printers. And when it comes down to the bottom line (cost-effectiveness) HP PageWide printers feature a 40% lower color cost-per-page – and use less energy – compared to other color laser printers in its class.

Add it all up and you’ve got world-class print technology ready to propel your business into the future. So, if you’re ready to see how HP PageWide can get you there, contact a Zones account executive or call 800.408.ZONES today.



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