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A true enterprise-ready 2-in-1

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HP Elite x2

In many ways, the story of personal computing in 2015 was the story of 2-in-1s. New advances in processing power finally made it possible for nearly every major manufacturer to develop thin, light devices with had the ability to handle everyday tasks quickly and pleasingly. The result: beautiful devices that users love for their flexibility and capability.

But for all the attention paid to the latest wave of 2-in-1s and tablets in 2015, the HP Elite x2 might just have all the rest beat – especially in the enterprise.

A 2-in-1 designed to charm users – and the IT department

Impossible to ignore, the Elite x2’s most striking physical feature is the stainless steel kickstand, which can flex backward and forward to provide access to the tablet in notebook, display and draw mode. The entire machine benefits from the same level of care, with physical specs that include front and back facing cameras, Bang & Olufsen audio, and a full-size Wacom pen and digitizer – the preferred choice of creative professionals around the world.

While the Elite x2’s striking looks get most of the initial attention, it’s in the details that its enterprise chops become apparent. A choice of Intel Core M3, M5 and M7 processors provide the ability to handle business class applications with ease while a USB-C port, SD card reader, Kensington Lock, and optional 4G LTE help make moving content easy wherever you’re working. The Elite x2’s keyboard options provide an excellent typing experience and can even be upgraded with optional backlighting.

HP has included a number of security and manageability features in the Elite x2 focused on improving quality of life for users and IT departments:

  • HP BIOSphere and Sure Start Technology streamline client deployment and maintenance
  • The Elite also comes pre-equipped with HP Client Security, Intel vPro and an optional Trusted Platform Module and Self Encrypting Drive to keep sensitive information safe
  • Add an optional integrated fingerprint reader for NFC and smartcard reader for effective, convenient authentication

Your HP hardware partners at Zones make it easy to do everything from deploying a brand new fleet of HP Elite x2 2-in-1s to designing a new network. With services spanning the entire IT lifecycle and company-owned distribution and integration centers around the US Zones can make any of your IT initiatives happen.

When deploying new machines, our imaging team can ensure that your employees receive the applications and configurations they need to be as productive as possible – and the Zones imaging network is fully independent from the production network and Internet to ensure the security and safety of your data.

Contact your Zones account executive today to determine how the HP Elite x2 would fit at your organization, and learn more about how Zones can make your technology deployments a success.


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