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Team up with Veritas, Microsoft, and Zones for cloud disaster recovery

During these challenging times, a number of business IT leaders have found themselves with a newfound focus on data center transformation, and with good reason. With a streamlined data center, you can give your people the agility and adaptability to be productive from anywhere, which is crucial right now.

But there is another aspect of this transformation process that is equally important, and it’s gone relatively overlooked – that would be the need for disaster recovery (DR). For every business that wants to survive in this tough economy, a DR framework is essential. Without it, how will you tackle the next unexpected obstacle that comes your way?

Sadly, we have found that a lot of companies currently come up short in this area. According to our research, nearly 50% of all todays mid-market firms have poor disaster recovery plans. Organizations right now are under immense pressure to ensure high availability of their apps and their data, and increasingly, they’re finding themselves unable to do so in the face of an IT mishap, such as a cyberattack or other data breach. To make matters worse, many firms right now are strapped for time and resources, which means any DR solutions they do implement need to be fast and cost-effective.

Enter DR in the Azure Cloud. Whether your business is looking for an entirely new DR plan or simply to bolster the one you already have, the cloud makes for an efficient way to do it. And at Zones, we offer a multi-step process for getting you up and running. We help you assess your current environment, design a new cloud-based model, and implement it right away. This should deliver immediate business value, as you will have access to quick and cost-effective recovery of your infrastructure, applications, data, and more.

Our DR work is made possible by our relationships with two key partners – Microsoft and Veritas. In Veritas, you get several essential software solutions that make cloud DR possible. For example, NetBackup makes it easy to automate DR readiness and ensure your data will always be recoverable, regardless of what storage or transport method you use. NetBackup offers features such as auto image replication (AIR) and snapshot replication, ensuring that you can quickly back up your data and get it back at in a flash, when you need it.

As for Microsoft’s role, any cloud DR infrastructure must be built upon a reliable cloud storage architecture, and that is what Microsoft delivers. You no longer have to worry about building your cloud infrastructure or managing it – you just pay a reasonable monthly fee, and Microsoft handles that work for you. By going this route and leveraging a “pay per use” model, Microsoft’s enables you to reduce capital expenditure and move to a more operational expenses model, which brings a new level of flexibility to your business.

At Zones, we can help you get all of this up and running. We have a proven track record of designing and implementing DR solutions for clients worldwide, and our work is driven by our relationships with elite OEMs that deliver only the very best technologies. We are excited to sit down with you and develop a smart, vendor-agnostic approach to DR that will fulfill all your organization’s requirements. All you have to do is take the first step and reach out so we can hit the ground running today.

Ready to delve deeper into the Veritas solutions we’ve got to offer? Read on…

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