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Do you have a sound strategy in place for cloud data backup?

No matter what your company does to bring in revenue, it’s a safe bet that your data is right at the heart of it. Whatever your employees do on a daily basis, they can’t do it without logging onto their devices and accessing their files. That’s why, behind every business success story these days, there’s a story of data center transformation. In the 21st century, the businesses with the best data strategies are the ones that get ahead.

That means that having an effective backup strategy is crucial. You never want your business to be stuck in the awful position of losing access to your data and not having a Plan B. Even a few minutes of downtime can be catastrophic. But unfortunately, backing up your people’s files can be more difficult than it sounds. Some companies struggle with messy tape backup processes; others have many disparate locations and poor visibility into the backup process. There are all sorts of pitfalls.

What you really need, therefore, is a systematic approach. According to Data Center Dynamics, the key is to know what your most essential files are and to have a clear, actionable plan for them.

“A cloud-based backup and disaster recovery project generally starts with a raft of questions,” cloud solution architect Sam Woodcock explained. “What do I need in the cloud? How do I know that what I have on-premises is ready to replicate to the cloud? What are my specific disaster recovery requirements and priorities?”

Ideally, you’d be able to take the guesswork out of these questions and more. “What goes into the cloud first?” is just the tip of the iceberg, really – you also have to think about accessing files on complex networks, orchestrating fast disaster recovery, addressing regulatory compliance standards, and maintaining data security at all times. There’s a lot to coordinate, and little room for error.

The good news is, with Zones on your side, you won’t have to worry about error. One key area where we specialize is Microsoft Azure Cloud Backup and Restore – we work tirelessly with our clients to size up their data infrastructure, identify the unique challenges they face in the backup process, and address those challenges effectively. If you’ve got problems, we’ve got solutions that are safe, effective, and manageable.

When you work with us, you get close, personal attention from a cloud specialist who knows the technology backward and forward and will commit to tailoring a solution to your needs. Your business thrives when your people have reliable, uninterrupted access to their data – and we will see to it that you do.

Backing up your files effectively is just one of many aspects to Data Center Transformation. Click below to learn how we can help with all of them.

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