Stay ahead of the curve with regular server refreshes

Stay ahead of the curve with regular server refreshes

When organizations make a real commitment to data center transformation, it has the potential to truly revolutionize everything they do. A revamped data center has a dramatic impact on people’s daily lives – it’s easier to store files, to access them, and to share them. In short it makes everyone better at their jobs, and that’s usually reflected in your bottom line.

There’s just one problem, though. At most places of business, IT leaders are hesitant to focus on their data centers until it’s too late. They don’t usually think proactively, looking to ramp up their data capabilities on their own – instead, they wait until major issues like outages or security gaps force their hand. This is a common mistake. Time and time again, we’ve seen that companies perform better when they act aggressively to keep their data center infrastructure up to date.

According to 2019 research from Dell Technologies, the organizations with the strongest data centers have one thing in common – they always upgrade their data center hardware at least once every three years. This includes both servers and storage systems. It’s not hard to understand why – any time you let outdated hardware linger for longer than that, it will inevitably lead to increased downtime and steep financial costs.

Dell has worked with countless clients to address these issues head on. They’re constantly developing new data center hardware that’s more durable and less susceptible to outages. This means that every time you spend on new infrastructure, you’re not just spending – you’re making a true investment in a healthier bottom line moving forward. In addition, Dell’s data center technologies are always improving in terms of security and compliance, since they’re constantly being updated to include the latest firmware and patching updates.

Running a successful business is all about knowing your numbers – and with an improved data center, it’s easy to measure the direct impact on your company’s finances. Dell’s research found that on average, companies that work to create a modern server footprint see a 41% reduction in the costs they incur due to IT downtime. This is both because they have fewer outages, and because when they do experience downtime, they’re able to resolve it faster.

There’s real value to be had in improving your data center hardware, and at Zones, we are eager to help our clients unlock that value. That’s why we offer comprehensive services for Server Design & Implementation – we’re here to work closely with you, figure out your needs, and draw up a roadmap for server success. We have key strategic relationships with a number of industry-leading manufacturers, including Dell Technologies and others, and we’re excited to leverage them into better results for you.

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