Redefining storage

EMC ViPREMC ViPR software-defined storage

Today, most storage infrastructures include a patchwork of storage platforms from different vendors at multiple sites around the world, all delivering a wide variety of storage services.

Each of these storage platforms was chosen based on its ability to handle specific workloads – and each has its own unique set of APIs, management and monitoring tools.

This diversity makes the efficient management of these storage silos a challenge. As the amount of data grows, an increasingly large number of specialized IT administrators is required to execute repetitive, serial and manual tasks to deliver storage services. EMC® ViPR® provides a centralized way to automate provisioning and deliver storage resources, by policy, across multi-vendor storage arrays, allowing fewer IT administrators to do more work in less time – across the enterprise. It’s a software-only solution that transforms storage into a simple, extensible and open platform.

Virtualize for savings and simplicity

EMC ViPR is the software-only solution that transforms storage into a simple, extensible, and open platform. By providing a centralized way to automate provisioning and deliver storage-as-a-service across multi-vendor arrays, ViPR reduces operational costs, provides choice, and delivers a path to the cloud. With ViPR services – including Object, Block, and HDFS – you can redefine storage to meet cloud, mobility, and Big Data workloads.

  • Reduce Costs – Policy-based automation reduces time to provision by 63%; delivers storage-as-a-service in 5 or less simple steps.
  • Maintain flexibility – Extensible architecture means ViPR supports the broadest range of EMC, third-party, and commodity storage.
  • Support cloud and big data – ViPR Services include Object, HDFS, and Block that can run on ViPR-managed file arrays, commodity platforms, and EMC ECS Appliance.

Ask your Zones account executive for a full briefing on simplifying enterprise storage with EMC ViPR.

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