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Grow as your business requires, without fear of technology limitations

Dell Compellent Storage

For years, storage architectures have coupled data to hardware in complex and costly arrangements. These legacy systems required overprovisioning of capacity to meet future storage needs, straining budgets and offering limited ability to fully address modern virtualization needs.

Given this, it’s no surprise that today’s storage hurdles demand a new approach.

Enter Dell, whose modern storage architectures start with flexible, modular designs built from the ground up for virtualized environments that means products and solutions uncoupled from the limitations of legacy architecture. The result is storage solutions that specifically address workload and data center challenges and deliver real advances in capabilities and value.

Self-optimized, intelligent enterprise storage.

Dell’s innovative Compellent Storage options, including the enterprise-ready Compellent SC8000, next-generation SC9000, and small-to-medium business SCv2000 offer scalable, intelligent examples of this philosophy. Built on a virtualized pool of disks for block and file data, they support flexible storage configurations from all-flash to hybrid-flash and traditional spinning disk.

Compellent Flash-optimized solutions offers performance, efficiency and scalability with features to satisfy nearly any enterprise – all at a 2X price advantage over competitive hybrid solutions and up to a 5X price advantage over all-flash solutions:

  • Maximum application performance. Automated intelligent data tiering dynamically classifies data according to its usage, maximizing retrieval speed for vital files and cost-effectiveness for cold files.
  • Multi-protocol support. Simultaneous iSCSI, Fibre Channel (FC) and Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) front-end interconnects
  • Growth without disruptions. Flexible storage expandable to 960 SAS drives in multiple enclosures.
  • Software that protects and powers. Storage Center 6.5 ensures simplified network management and security with features like self-encrypting drives, live volume replication, thin replication and straightforward upgrades and licensing.
  • Award winning support. Dell’s innovative, best-in-class approach to service (including Copilot) ensures smooth deployment aligned with business needs.

Scale-out Unified Storage.

As business demands for storage and availability grow, the simplicity and savings of a unified storage solution that enables the consolidation of SAN and NAS storage is increasingly appealing to many businesses. The Compellent FS8600 NAS appliance seamlessly integrates with Compellent array controllers for fully interoperable block and file storage solutions.

The FS8600 with FluidFS v4 eliminates the need for painful forklift upgrades and provides a scale-out unified storage solution with the capability to consolidate multiple workloads (up to 4 PB) as well as linear performance scaling that allows organizations to save on operational expenses without sacrificing speed. The granular control that the FS8600 gives organizations makes it easy to align with the application requirements of any number of environments and the low-cost per file OPS makes it accessible to a wide range of enterprises.

When you need more capacity, the efficient Compellent SC200/220 and super-dense Compellent SC280 expansion enclosures are perfect for scaling up with a complete end-to-end Dell hardware solution.

Your Zones account executive can help you evaluate the right Dell Compellent Storage configuration for your organization. When it’s time to implement, Zones can help migrate your data from older EqualLogic arrays to a new Compellent solution, allowing you to re-purpose your EqualLogic hardware.


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