Protect your users and your business with Microsoft Surface devices

Protect your users and your business with Microsoft Surface devices

This has been a challenging year for employers and employees alike. All around the world, we’ve been forced to reconsider where we work, when we work, and how we work. There are now more people handling their jobs remotely than ever before, and that mandates new rules for just about everything.

It also means we need to take a closer look at security fortification.

Security at work used to just be a matter of safeguarding the data you had on premises, and perhaps in the cloud as well. Now, IT managers have to worry about remote and mobile employees, along with the many devices they use regularly. They’ve got an entirely new kind of infrastructure they need to protect.

Microsoft helps today’s businesses confront these challenges head-on. Microsoft Security solutions are designed to help clients maintain total control of their environment, from chip to cloud. Security is built into every Surface device, and it’s easy to manage through the cloud, no matter where your employees are located. With Surface, your defense will always be a proactive one, and your users will always be able to resist physical tampering and malicious software, thanks to Trusted Platform Module (TPM).

TPM brings a whole world of capabilities for bolstering data security. With TPM, users can quickly and easily encrypt their business data, thus guaranteeing it can only be accessed by authorized individuals. A TPM chip is a secure crypto-processor that is designed to carry out cryptographic operations, which means companies can easily generate cryptographic keys and use them to ensure platform integrity by taking and storing security measurements. In other words, everyone will be in total control of their data.

TPM technology is getting easier to use every day. We’ve now reached the point where, starting with Windows 10, the Microsoft operating system automatically initializes and takes ownership of TPM, which means there’s no reason for users to go to the trouble of manually configuring TPM through its management console. There are a few exceptions to this rule of thumb, but by and large, Microsoft makes it easy for users to get their security infrastructure up and running. When you start using Surface, you’ll be secure from day one.

This technology has many practical applications. For starters, certificates can be installed or created on computers that are using the TPM, and from there, the RSA key is bound to the TPM and cannot be exported. Additionally, anti-malware software can use the boot measurements of the operating system start state to prove the integrity of a Windows 10 machine, and also, thanks to automated provisioning, the cost of TPM deployment in the enterprise will be lower.

All of these benefits tie into the overall value proposition that Zones is offering: We want to fuel your digital transformation. We understand fully that success in business tomorrow begins with ushering in modern technology today, and that most definitely includes giving all your employees devices that are fully secure. Microsoft and Zones, together, have teamed up to deliver on that promise.

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