Protect your business against email threats with Barracuda

Protect your business against email threats with Barracuda

This year, employees everywhere have had to adapt to a new way of doing business. They used to be in the office every day, keeping close quarters with their co-workers, and collaborating in person regularly. Now, with so many people working remotely, a great deal of communication happens via email instead.

Some see this as perfectly convenient – it’s not uncommon to prefer email over face-to-face interaction, even. But the rapid rise in email communication in 2020 does raise a lot of questions, not the least of which involve security fortification.

Here’s a fact that might shock you: 91% of all cyberattacks in the world today begin with an email. Now, perhaps 20 years ago, these emails were obvious scams, and all you needed to protect yourself was a bit of common sense. But times are changing, and attacks now are quickly becoming more sophisticated. Even smart, computer-savvy employees are vulnerable to phishing attacks and other email-based threats. Common sense might no longer be enough to keep yourself and your business safe.

At Barracuda, that’s well understood. Barracuda is dedicated to understanding the evolving security landscape and helping users adapt to the changing times. In fact, their latest ebook lays out 13 different types of modern-day email security threats, and how you can defend yourself:

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As you start to understand these threats, it becomes clear that your organization needs an additional layer of defense – the inbox level alone won’t be enough. Traditional gateway security is as important as ever, but gateways only see emails that come from external senders, and there are gaps in visibility. To stay truly safe, you need something more.

What you need is Barracuda Total Email Protection. With Total Email Protection, you get a multi-layered product that integrates with any SMTP service. It protects a variety of business email environments, including both on-prem and cloud-based, and it employs multiple lines of defense including virus scanning, spam scoring, real-time intent analysis, URL link protection, reputation checks, and advanced threat detection.

In other words, your users’ inboxes will have defense that goes beyond the traditional gateway approach. Total Email Protection uses artificial intelligence to guard against social engineering attacks, leveraging Office 365 APIs to obtain historical information and sniff out emails that might include unexpected security threats. This helps organizations prevent advanced, targeted attacks like account takeovers. No attack is too large or too small – you need a solution that will stop all of them.

This is what Barracuda delivers every day – comprehensive defense for your people, your data, and your applications, even against the most advanced threats in the world today. And at Zones, we’re proud to partner with Barracuda, which means we can help you deploy their solutions and give you all the services you need to run them optimally. Security Fortification is an area where we truly shine – connect with us today, and you’ll find out for yourself.

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