Organizations today are rethinking the ‘workplace’ as we know it

Organizations today are rethinking the 'workplace' as we know it

Not long ago, the concept of workplace modernization had a fairly clear, consistent meaning. It meant taking your organization’s physical location, equipping it with as much modern technology as possible, and putting everyone in the workplace in the right position to succeed. Now, however, the idea is much more fluid. In fact, there’s not even a clear definition of the “workplace” as we know it. Post-pandemic, some people are returning to their conventional office settings; others are not. Still others are caught somewhere in the middle. How do you modernize work for everyone?

According to research from Gensler, it’s going to be difficult to nail down people’s work preferences for quite some time. A survey of U.S. workers found that right now, 20% of them are currently working all the time from the office. Another 19%, meanwhile, are fully from home. That leaves almost 60% of people in the middle – which means they’re in some sort of hybrid arrangement, sometimes at work and sometimes home. Gensler analyst Janet McLaurin explained that the office is still a great place to connect and collaborate, but people tend to like the comfort of their homes as well.

“Employees valued their work from home experience – in particular, for their home environment’s ability to support focus work, for improvements to well-being and work-life balance, and for remote work’s ability to empower them with the flexibility to manage their day autonomously,” McLaurin said. “But they also value the physical office.”

What this means is that organizations today have a chance to rethink the workplace. People like the openness of a workplace, as it allows them to see all their co-workers and collaborate with them easily, but they also enjoy the privacy of their homes. Forward-thinking organizations, therefore, will give people a way to enjoy both, and optimize productivity while they do it.

At Zones, we can help. We offer a Remote Worker Solution that’s designed to simplify IT for a distributed workforce. As business quickly evolves, leaders must find new ways to manage everything – their people, their devices, their network infrastructure, and more. Our award-winning Remote Worker Solution does all of that, from end to end. It includes an Asset Management component to help you stay on top of IT resources, Technical Support to help troubleshoot tech issues, and Collaboration to lead your work teams forward. And then some. When it comes to managing remote and hybrid workers, we’ve got it all.

This is what we’ve always done – we’ve long had a focus on Workplace Modernization, as we believe it’s the key to a productive, collaborative workforce. That’s especially the case now, as people adapt to new work conditions and new settings. For help adapting, you can count on us. We’ve always worked to usher in digital transformation for our clients, and today is no different. To dig a little deeper, connect with us today.

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