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Modernize your business with Zones Azure Complete

Planning and implementing a cloud computing platform can be complex and time consuming. Zones Azure Complete accelerates the adoption of your cloud computing platform, and allows you to discover new ways of optimizing the performance of your Azure environment.

Through a wide array of services to support your organization’s cloud-based functions, Zones Azure Complete provides help to enhance the utility and management of Azure in your organization.

Zones Azure Complete delivers best-in-class technologies and proven methodologies for thorough assessment, thoughtful design, seamless implementation, and consistent management of the Azure cloud platform. It’s an all-inclusive program that goes beyond cloud subscriptions to include reliable ongoing services for your cloud environment.


Every customer needs to have a plan around Azure. From implementation and data migration to how you manage Azure, Zones Azure Complete aligns your cloud plan to your business strategy and goals. Zones will examine your environment and processes to ensure a smooth migration to the cloud. We understand the options available, so we can help you make the most informed decisions for your business.

Assessment services include:

  • Cloud Workshop: Discuss your cloud and business strategies, and prioritize your immediate and long-term goals. This complimentary one-hour session can include an evaluation of IT environment and processes.
  • Cloud Readiness Assessment: Get all the information you need to make decisions before moving any or all of your infrastructure from on-premises to the cloud using our cloud software management service.
  • Software Landscape Assessment: Receive a detailed no-cost analysis that enables IT leadership to make fact-based decisions from a unified view, for true risk mitigation, compliance, and cost savings.
  • Microsoft License Statement: Use this complimentary report to gain visibility into all of your Microsoft licensing transactions and agreements to determine entitlements, compliance, and upcoming renewals.


If you’re moving to the cloud or creating a hybrid environment, Zones has the capabilities necessary to build the right solution. When moving to the cloud, Zones also has the ITAM capabilities to decommission any existing hardware.

  • 100% Cloud infrastructure – Your entire business migrates to the cloud.
  • Hybrid Cloud – Hybrid cloud allows you to decide which workloads you want to keep on-prem and which you move to the cloud.
  • Decommissioning – Zones can help you develop and execute a plan to retire your old on premises hardware as you move workloads into the cloud.


Zones Azure Complete allows you to implement cloud infrastructure in Azure faster than on-premises solutions. Zones Advanced Solutions Group (ASG) orchestrates the entire implementation project, whether infrastructure, disaster recovery or backup in the cloud. We also manage all aspects of the implementation and migration of data, so your transition to the cloud is as fast, seamless, and cost-effective as possible.

  • Site recovery – Business continuity keeps the business up and running and avoids data loss.
  • Basic IaaS implementation – Cloud implementation for your business.
  • Storage – Back-up your data for quick retrieval.


After your Azure implementation, Zones can help manage your cloud solution throughout its entire lifecycle. This keeps you more engaged with your customers over time. From the initial assessment to implementation and data migration Zone Azure Complete helps you optimize your investment.

  • Billing management – Planning around workloads and budgeting.
  • Technical support – 24×7 phone support.

For more information on Zones Azure Complete services, contact your Zones account executive or call 800.408.ZONES.


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