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Modern organizations are embracing a multi-cloud mentality

Modern organizations are embracing a multi-cloud mentality

On a micro level, just about every office worker in the world changed their approach to work when the pandemic struck in 2020. They shifted away from physical office environments and pivoted to a way of doing business that’s largely remote, mobile, and flexible.

But when you zoom out a little, you see that more large-scale shifts are happening as well – entire companies are changing their IT infrastructure to reflect the new way of the world. Nowhere is this more true than in data center transformation.

According to Data Center Frontier, the latest major trend we’re witnessing is the move toward multi-cloud environments. For organizations that are juggling a large number of employees spread out across an expansive geographic area, multi-cloud technology makes it simpler to manage everyone’s applications and data in a way that’s flexible, cost-effective, and easier to secure.

When done right, a multi-cloud strategy can help the modern organization to address both its short-term and long-term goals. Short-term, it makes it easier for IT to manage data cost-effectively, as well as have the data handy just in case there are any disaster scenarios where having fast access to backups is required. Long-term, multi-cloud enables organizations to fast-track their digital transformation and overall business growth, giving them the freedom to build upon any given cloud at any time.

These are fast-changing times in business. Just a couple of short years ago, companies were beefing up their on-premises IT architectures, enabling people to be as successful as possible in physical office environments. They’ve had to pivot quickly away from that model. But luckily, quick pivots are exactly why multi-cloud technology has become so popular. Multi-cloud helps companies adapt quickly to changes in IT best practices – both the changes happening now, and those coming later that we can’t even see yet.

As for us at Zones, here’s where we come in. We have a platform in Zones Cloud that makes it easier than ever for modern organizations to purchase and manage whatever cloud infrastructure they need to be successful. Getting started is simple – and scaling up as you go is even simpler. We give our clients the flexibility to build their cloud environments over time, adding what they need, when they need it, with no hassle.

So let’s get down to business. Let’s talk cloud. What does your organization need? Are you looking for more public cloud, private, or hybrid? Are you interested in more AWS or Azure? Are you looking to shift your budget from CapEx to OpEx?

Whatever you’re looking to do in the cloud, we can make it happen. We’ve always believed in Data Center Transformation as a key pillar of any successful business, and we understand that right now, that means embracing a multi-cloud mindset. Connect with us today, and we’ll help you turn that mindset into a reality.

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