Microsoft Surface is ready for the challenges of healthcare

Microsoft Surface is ready for the challenges of healthcare

Organizations in the healthcare sector today have their sights set on a number of ambitious goals. They’re looking to make their employees more productive, cut costs wherever possible, and ultimately improve patient care – all while battling a variety of obstacles, including compliance difficulties and threats to their data security. For all of these reasons, workplace modernization is obviously crucial – healthcare IT leaders must give their employees the right devices to tackle their daily challenges quickly and efficiently.

Microsoft Surface absolutely has the potential to be that device. Surface is a lightweight, portable laptop that’s easily adaptable to fit any number of fast-paced work environments. It’s designed to meet the evolving ways that people work, which means it’s perfect for healthcare settings, where people’s medical needs are fluid and patient care strategies are constantly changing.

For whatever reason, though, Surface has been a little slow to catch on among healthcare employees. This may be attributable to a few misunderstandings about the device and its capabilities. Once we clear those up, you may walk away with a newfound appreciation for the role Surface can play in delivering top-notch patient care.

One major question about Surface in healthcare is whether the device is ruggedized – in other words, able to hold up in extreme conditions where a tough, durable device is necessary. Some have the misconception that the Surface isn’t, but in reality, it’s extremely easy to safeguard your Surface so it’s ready for any environment. In fact, we at Zones work with several partners that sell heavy-duty cases for Surface devices, ensuring they’ll always be up to the challenges of healthcare.

Another major point of contention about Surface is disinfection. Some may fear that certain disinfecting wipes will damage the Surface, making it difficult to use in healthcare environments that can sometimes get unsanitary. The truth is that many disinfection options are available with the Surface’s new all-metal chassis. Plenty of wipes are approved for cleaning the Surface, including PDI Sani-Cloth Plus, Covidien alcohol prep pads, Cavi wipes, Clorox wipes, and more.

There plenty of other myths about Surface. Some think the devices are difficult to repair – not so. Every Surface comes with a warranty that includes Next Business Day replacement and Advanced Exchange capabilities, which means users can recover quickly from any unexpected hiccups. Concerns about HIPAA compliance are likewise overstated. Some of the best compliance solutions, such as Epic software, were designed on Surface devices and tailored to meet Surface users’ needs.

At Zones, we make it a priority to help our healthcare clients find the devices their users need to succeed every day. Today’s healthcare organizations are working toward a number of strategic goals – often including stronger cybersecurity, more collaboration, more health data analytics, and better mobile health and telemedicine. We’re here to make sure they have the technology they need to achieve all that and more.

Our partnership with Microsoft positions us well to provide clients everywhere with Surface devices. Check out the link below to learn all about it.

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