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MESA Transforms IT Infrastructure with Zones' Comprehensive Cloud Solutions

MESA Transforms IT Infrastructure with Zones' Comprehensive Cloud Solutions

Maintaining a robust and scalable IT infrastructure is critical in a world where technological advances mean business success. MESA—a prominent construction, engineering, and manufacturing company—faced significant challenges with its on-site IT systems, including availability, remote connectivity, and computing security threats. Zones helped MESA transition to a more efficient, secure, and scalable cloud-based system through personalized customer service and advanced cloud solutions. However, this change didn’t solve MESA’s immediate IT problems, which are addressed and set the stage for future development and innovation. Read on to learn how working with Mesa and Jones has transformed their IT landscape.

The Challenges Faced by MESA in Its IT Environment

Let’s go through all the problems MESA encountered:

  • Scalability and Enterprise Readiness: 

    MESA was over-reliant on homegrown applications for many aspects of its business operations. Even when these applications were built for their requirements, there was an omission towards scalability. These applications were increasingly straining under the load as the company scaled. They were also not fully operational and lacked the required capability and resources. The inoperability and lack of scalability made it difficult for MESA to evolve and adapt according to the industry standards.
  • Remote Connectivity: 

    Many of MESA’s teams were remote. So the company required a reliable solution for the disparate IT systems its distributed teams could connect to centrally.

Realizing the need for a hyper-scale and solid IT foundation, MESA sought advice from Zones, a trusted partner. Zones provided end-to-end solutions tailored to overcome the specific obstacles MESA faced. It enabled MESA to start on the path to becoming more efficient and innovative.

  • Personalized Customer Service:

    Zones’ services differentiate through personalized customer support. This bespoke treatment meant that MESA always felt like it was the only customer and that its needs were recognized and met immediately. Having that added assurance enabled MESA to tackle IT transformation with confidence.
  • Comprehensive Cloud Migration Solutions: 

    Zones deployed an end-to-end cloud migration for MESA to solve its on-premise environment issues. Essential applications, email servers, ERPs, document management systems, and other native applications were migrated to cloud-based platforms. Zones ensured that MESA's IT operations could scale as the company grew. The cloud migration provided MESA with the performance and reliability to handle what it needed in the near term—and prepared the company to pivot quickly as other parts of its business changed.
  • Enterprise-Ready and Scalable Applications: 

    Zones built scalable and enterprise-ready applications to satisfy MESA’s concerns. This ensured that MESA's IT infrastructure could support its growing organization without sacrificing performance.
  • Improved Remote Connectivity: 

    Zones helped with the remote connectivity issues by offering more flexible and expandable solutions. Zones moved beyond typical VPNs to deploy cloud-based connectivity solutions to provide more dependable access for the remote staff and help ensure optimal bandwidth management. This increased the output and efficiency of MESA's remote teams by enabling them to communicate and work together seamlessly.
  • Better Business Continuity and Stability: 

    MESA moved from the on-premise environment to a more resilient cloud-based infrastructure for better business continuity and stability. This lessened the impact brought by hardware breakdowns and Mother Nature. Thanks to the increased resilience, disaster recovery options, and greater availability and uptime facilitated by Zones' cloud infrastructure, MESA could ensure it remained up and running following any unforeseen events.
  • Cybersecurity Solutions: 

    MESA benefited from advanced, tailor-made cybersecurity solutions implemented by Zones. Zones also offered managed services around cybersecurity since staffing cybersecurity professionals can be cost-prohibitive for most medium-sized organizations. MESA secured its IT environment from predators without needing a larger in-house security team due to this approach.
  • Technical Expertise and Training: 

    Zones not only provided the tools and solutions needed but also shared the technical knowledge to ensure a successful implementation. Star Industries collaborated closely with MESA to configure, deploy, train, and right-size MESA’s personnel on the new systems. The latest technology gave MESA the best possible exposure to all the benefits of its IT transformation through this handholding technique.

“Zones has been a game-changer for us, providing one-to-one customer service, comprehensive technical solutions, and managed services that significantly enhance our operations and strategy. Their slogan, 'Consider IT done,' perfectly aligns with their reliable and efficient service.”

                                                                                                         -Sarfraz Shaikh, Director, IT – MESA


MESA successfully overcame the constraints of its legacy IT environment by working with Zones. Zones' solutions not only satisfied MESA’s current needs but also positioned it for continued growth and advancement. This partnership highlights the importance of having a trusted partner who understands your enterprise's needs to deliver bespoke solutions to ensure success.

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