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How Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations (AIOps) Can Supercharge the Network Operations Center (NOC)

How Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations (AIOps) Can Supercharge the Network Operations Center (NOC)

Your business's success hinges on the reliability and performance of your IT network. It's the backbone that keeps your operations running smoothly and efficiently. That's why it's crucial to prioritize the establishment of a cutting-edge Network Operation Center (NOC) that empowers you to monitor and swiftly address any issues that may arise. 

But to ensure your NOC gives out the performance, scalability, and efficiency needed for your business operations, you require seamless integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and human ingenuity. At Zones, we have always recognized the power that arises from this dynamic collaboration. We firmly believe that when people and technology join forces, businesses can truly unleash their full potential and achieve remarkable success. 

Current networking trends leverage AI and human insight with NOCs that use artificial intelligence for IT operations (AIOps) to maximize efficiency and minimize outages. Let's look at today's network challenges and see how a fully modernized NOC meets those challenges. 

Your network carries a heavy load

The last few years have likely changed your business's digital landscape, with more reliance upon:

● Remote and hybrid workspaces that need improved communication and collaboration

● Multi-cloud environments with distributed applications and workloads

These new network considerations mean you need scalable and secure connections to keep up. You also need an IT team with the skills and bandwidth to oversee and treat network issues via your NOC. Unfortunately, your people — and your network — are facing more hurdles than ever:

● Increased network traffic coming in all directions from emerging devices and applications

● Highly-fragmented networks that need support across campus, branch, and data center environments

● Increased costs stemming from multiple products and software environments

Your workflows suffer when your event data is collected and analyzed by overburdened IT professionals or outdated technology. And subsequently, your business. With that, you can also miss opportunities to improve availability and support. Ultimately, the cost of outdated network operations is incredibly high — to your bottom line and reputation. 

Overcome new obstacles with new solutions

Without AI, a NOC isn't taking full advantage of modern technology because machines outperform humans in key ways and vice versa. 

While AI offers superior data processing and analysis, people:

● Have a better insight into big-picture issues

● Can take action based on data

● Can better predict future problems 

Applying AIOps to the NOC environment makes data analysis and swift action more manageable for human engineers. Isn't that what we ultimately want in our tech — a simpler, more convenient way to operate?

When you enlist this AI+human approach, you unleash a mighty force with numerous benefits:

Improved efficiency and analysis

We've already said it, but it bears repeating. Tech can process, arrange, and analyze data faster than the human brain. Because AIOps leverage machine learning algorithms, your team gets much-needed help untangling information overload. Then, they can act on this information more quickly and reliably than before, responding to alerts that matter.

Time and money savings

More efficiency equals saved cash. Always. AIOps can monitor your network's health and performance while your IT team gets real-time visibility. And your bottom line gets a boost. 

Better collaboration

Instead of a real-life NOC space, AIOps create a virtual, interactive dashboard that gives your team access to the same data. They also get collaboration and communication tools that make monitoring your network much easier. 

Safe, secure data

When AI is able to quickly spot potential issues, uncover the source, and recommend a plan of attack, you get a super-efficient, proactive way to safeguard your critical systems—the chances of data loss and downtime decrease. Everyone breathes and works easier. 

Enhanced performance

When your network is better cared for, it stays primed to perform. It meets increasing demands and keeps your people and your processes flowing. 

Get the ultimate modern NOC with Zones.

Your enterprise deserves five-star network support to grow and thrive in today's competitive environment. Zones can help you get there. 

Our comprehensive NOC services help you reduce costs and free up your IT team to focus on core business tasks and new strategic initiatives. And, of course, we utilize the power of AIOps. 

With a proactive, cost-effective approach to monitoring network health, managing performance, and maintaining IT compliance, we offer future-focused NOC services that include:

● Infrastructure, device, and app monitoring

● Event management

● Capacity and performance management

● Configuration management

● Traffic analysis

With these services, you also benefit from:

● Enhanced visibility, dashboards, and reporting

● Faster, automation-led resolution

● Actionable insights and qualified alerts

● Cost optimization, right shoring

Today's network challenges are complex. Monitoring and supporting your network doesn't have to be. Not only can our seasoned experts help reinforce your network, but our global yet nimble company can give you the attention and personalized service you deserve. 

Get more network security and less worry with Zones.

To learn more about our NOC services, contact one of our experts today.  

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