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In healthcare today, a clean and safe work environment is crucial

The last 12 months have been a time of crisis in the healthcare industry. As a global pandemic has hit, millions of frontline workers have scrambled to do everything they can to treat patients, to stop the spread of the virus, and to put the global population on the path to recovery. This is a tall order, but one thing is for sure – investing in workplace modernization can help this goal attainable.

The truth is, healthcare organizations today need to take a serious look at their technology. It’s time for them to evaluate ways they can adjust their strategies and ensure a healthier work environment for everyone. It’s sad but true: IT devices have the potential to contribute to viral infections. Especially now, in an environment where so many clinicians are touching so many Internet of Things (IoT) devices during every shift, the level of risk is high. And in a lot of cases, facilities aren’t doing anything. A recent HIMSS survey found that 43% of organizations have no guidelines at all for sanitizing IT devices.

One important preliminary step for healthcare organizations is to develop device sanitization protocols. There should be clear rules for who is allowed to touch computers, displays, multifunction printers, and other accessories and when they can do so, and all of these surfaces should be regularly cleansed. Organizations should use germicidal wipes that have been approved for use with their devices, and they should avoid using potentially harmful cleansing items, such as paper towels that could scratch displays.

In addition to these cleaning procedures, it’s important to have people in roles where they can execute on health and safety plans. Responsible clinics know to set up positions, responsibilities, and schedules for device sanitization, making it clear who will cover what tasks when, and ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks. Perhaps previously, surfaces were cleansed once per day or once per shift, but these norms are now clearly outdated. A more aggressive game plan is required.

Of course, the other thing you can do to create a healthier work environment in healthcare is select hardware that’s easy to clean in the first place. Thankfully, that’s exactly where HP comes in. HP’s Healthcare Edition Portfolio includes all-in-one PCs, a notebook, clinical view displays, and other accessories, and all of the above are designed to prevent the spread of viral infection in healthcare environments. They also help streamline clinical workflows. With HP’s products at your fingertips, you can sleep easy knowing your employees will work in a healthy, safe, sanitary environment every day.

Another step you can take is to steer patients away from your work environment altogether, and instead treat them remotely using telemedicine strategies. HP is working hard to make this possible, as they’re designing healthcare devices specifically to handle today’s telemedicine challenges. HP Healthcare Edition devices, for example, are purpose-built for modern healthcare, meaning they’re great for protecting data during telemedicine visits and helping organizations meet HIPAA requirements. Additionally, HP Z Workstations deliver performance and visualization capabilities that make it easy for providers to pull up patient video feeds, access data, and collaborate remotely.

At Zones, we are eager to play a role in reshaping the healthcare environment, be it either physical or virtual. We’ve always made Workplace Modernization a point of emphasis, and that’s especially true now, as organizations work rapidly to create a healthier environment for all. And thanks to our strategic partnership with HP, we’re able to quickly and effectively get you the devices you need to future-proof your work environment. Connect with us today, and we can get you started on that journey.

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