Keep your data center environment secure with Trend Micro

Keep your data center environment secure with Trend Micro

These are challenging times for any company. The sad truth is that in our current global health crisis, people simply can’t conduct business the way they always have. They need to reconsider everything, from where they work to the devices they use to the ways they access and share their data.

For IT, that means it’s a time for data center transformation. Now is a time for corporate IT offices to streamline everyone’s access to their files and make sure their people can stay as productive as ever, even through adversity.

As they go about tackling this challenge, one thing is true without a doubt – security is more important now than ever. With every business trying to survive in a difficult economy, no one can afford to deal with an incident that causes data loss or disrupts business continuity. Clearly, at a time like this, any solution that can keep your data secure is worth its weight in gold.

One such solution is Deep Security, the latest data security tool from Trend Micro. It’s perfect for our current business climate – nowadays, when you’ve got countless remote employees working in a wide range of different environments, you need a security solution that can coordinate all of them. Deep Security provides comprehensive protection, and it’s purpose-built for virtual, cloud, and container environments. No matter where your people are or how they work, they’ll be always secure.

With Deep Security, you’ll be able to address several of the most common security pain points that businesses today are facing. For starters, you can save time and money – two resources that every company is strapped for right now – by adopting an automated protection tool that enforces standardized security rules across your entire IT environment. In addition to that, you’ll have unified security – even if you’re managing physical, virtual, multi-cloud, and container environments all at once, you can secure them all from a single platform. And finally, if compliance is top of mind for your business, Deep Security makes it easier to keep up with GDPR, PCI DSS, HIPAA, NIST, Fed RAMP, and more.

Deep Security includes advanced security controls for robust threat protection. These include an intrusion prevention system (IPS), integrity monitoring, machine learning, application control, and more. You’ll be able to detect and block threats in real time, which is far more effective than dealing with the fallout of a security breach after the fact. And because you have the market-leading threat intelligence tools from the Trend Micro Smart Protection Network on your side, you’ll always be up to date on the latest threats.

At Zones, we have what it takes to help you secure your environment with Trend Micro. We have a long-standing relationship with the company – in fact, we’re one of only a select few Trend Micro National Channel Partners, which means we have the experience and the expertise to guide you through the entire process. We’ve worked together with Trend Micro for over a decade to deliver best-in-class security to clients everywhere. Connect with us, and your business could be next.

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