Jabra is setting a new standard for remote work technology

Jabra is setting a new standard for remote work technology

Over the last year and change, we’ve seen an unprecedented amount of disruption to the way people do business every day. Entire companies – and even entire industries – have been upended, and today’s business leaders face the pressing challenge of finding agile new ways for their people to collaborate and work. Often, this effort begins with putting an intense focus on workplace modernization.

The challenge, in short, is to make sure people can concentrate and be productive from anywhere. This can be difficult because today’s employees are working in a wide range of locations, and they might have all sorts of devices at their fingertips. It’s the phenomenon that HubSpot dubbed “death by 1,000 apps” – we all have so much technology all around us that it’s difficult to block out distractions and focus on the work that really matters.

Here’s the good news: Jabra helps make that possible. With so many employees these days working remotely, Jabra is hard at work creating high-performing collaboration technologies that are specifically engineered for today’s professionals. Whether you’re looking for headsets, microphones, cameras, or anything else, Jabra makes it easy to block out the noise and collaborate with your teams in style. What’s more, their devices are UC-certified and optimized for both Zoom and Microsoft Teams, guaranteeing you a seamless user experience.

Having access to this kind of technology is going to be crucial in the months and years ahead. Staying afloat during these challenging times is going to require flexibility, and having the right collaboration solutions makes that far easier. Whether your teammates are in the office with you, or half a world away, you want to work seamlessly with them either way. Jabra makes that possible.

When times get tough, the most successful businesses are the ones that adapt on the fly and continue to do great, innovative work. Being successful requires constantly thinking of creative new ideas and working together as a team to execute on those ideas. When you have the right IT solutions, all of that is possible.

Collaboration may not be happening in person as much as it used to, but remote meetings today offer a more content-rich experience than ever. Digital elements like webinars, whiteboards, and screenshares are becoming highly valuable functions. We’re approaching a future in which digital, long-distance collaboration is just as fruitful as the real thing.

The bottom line is, it’s time to set a new standard where collaboration is concerned. Jabra, with its high-performing new devices like the Evolve2 30 headset, is proud to be at the forefront of that movement. These products offer you great audio, all-day comfort, and airtight noise isolation – in other words, the power to be productive from anywhere in the world.

And at Zones, we have a strong partnership with Jabra. We’re committed to getting you all the IT devices your people need to collaborate and sustain business success – plus all the services to get those devices up and running effectively. If you’d like to explore this opportunity further, that can be arranged. Just get in touch with a Zones Account Manager.

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