Is your Wi-Fi technology equipped for the modern world?

Is your Wi-Fi technology equipped for the modern world?It should almost go without saying that in today’s business world, network optimization is everything. It’s hard to accomplish anything without a fine-tuned network – your employees must always have access to their files, to their co-workers and to the outside world. Without a network that puts all of the above at their fingertips, your organization doesn’t stand a chance.

Unfortunately, there are numerous pain points that arise in the conventional approach to setting up a corporate wireless network. Legacy Wi-Fi technology tends to be hardware-centric – it was designed in a previous era, back when employees worked from their assigned desks and only accessed their data during business hours. That simply isn’t going to work anymore today, what with employees constantly on the move, not to mention using a variety of devices. If companies continue to rely on the same Wi-Fi connections they always have, they’re just asking for network outages – and the business disruption that comes with them.

And make no mistake: That disruption can be quite costly. In fact, according to a recent report in Network Computing magazine, the average business in America today is confronted with five downtime events each month, and the resulting lost revenues total about $1 million per year for mid-sized companies and $60 million for large enterprises. These losses stem from a wide range of root causes, including lost sales, squandered employee productivity, and of course, the costs of repairing the network.

All of that is the bad news. Here’s the good: At Zones, we offer valuable services for any organization with doubts about the state of their Wi-Fi network. If you are concerned that your company might lack the network capabilities you need to stay competitive, all you need to do is get in touch with us – we can coordinate a Wireless Assessment that will break down your connectivity needs and size up the physical space you have to work with. From there, our Wireless Network Design & Implementation teams will work tirelessly to ensure you have a system that meets your needs.

When employees have high-speed Wi-Fi networks at their fingertips, the positive impacts are numerous. Productivity goes up, and employee engagement does too – people are always happier when their technology works well. On top of that, the business is able to deliver better results to its customers, which means increased sales and better customer retention over the long haul. When done right, a Wi-Fi implementation project has the potential to transform your business.

When it comes to Network Optimization, there’s a whole wide world of things we can do to empower your business. Explore a little more, and we’ll bring you up to speed.

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