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How Microsoft Surface devices drive success for the modern employee

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Especially right now, as businesses face countless challenges – a global pandemic, lean economic times, a great deal of competitive pressure, and more – it’s important to do the most you can with limited resources. This is why workplace modernization is so crucial. If you can take whatever IT budget you have and invest it in the best possible technology, you can empower your people to do their jobs more efficiently, thus putting your business in the best possible position to succeed.

That’s precisely the idea behind Microsoft Surface devices. Surface is designed to lead your company forward into a connected, creative, collaborative future. The Surface Hub touchscreen, along with fully integrated Surface Hub software, will bring your users within one touch of enhanced teamwork and powerful video conferencing, helping to drive success in a wide range of business scenarios.

When you first deploy Surface in the workplace, you should immediately notice its enormous capabilities. With either a 55-inch or a spectacular 84-inch Surface Hub touchscreen, complete with multi-touch and multi-pen functionality, you’ll be ready to tackle the biggest challenges in front of you with big, powerful visualization. And since the device is powered by the Windows 11 operating system and integrates smoothly with apps like Skype for Business, Microsoft Office, OneNote, and more, your people will be able to work together on anything, from anywhere.

The impact of device versatility

Surface is a touch above the competition, in more ways than one. Perhaps the first thing you’ll notice is its versatility – one minute, you’ll be using it to draw on your screen and create customized digital content, and the next, you’ll be sharing big ideas with stakeholders in real-time, interactive meetings. Additionally, Surface stands out due to its hardware and technical specifications – the devices use the 4th-generation Intel Core Haswell processors, the 64-bit version of Windows 10, a high-definition screen display, and wide-angle HD cameras on either side of the device.

Of course, when you invest in workplace devices, you typically aren’t looking for just the devices themselves – what you really want is the total package. And at Zones, that’s what we offer. We have great deals available on Surface, and those devices come fully loaded with Microsoft 365, but the benefits don’t end there. We also have White Glove services to get you up and running with your new technology, as well as asset tagging and inventory management tools to help make your digital transformation process as smooth as possible.

That’s what we do best at Zones. We’ve always made Workplace Modernization a key point of focus, and we understand as well as anyone that modernizing your business is about more than just buying devices. We want your users to have a full range of IT capabilities at their fingertips – and we’ve got a strategic partnership with Microsoft that helps us deliver exactly that. To find out how Microsoft and Zones can drive digital transformation success for you, just reach out. We would love to hear from you.

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