Harness the power of flash with a purpose-built, enterprise-grade all-flash array


The benefits of flash technology for accelerating applications are well known.

But what if that were just the beginning?

What could you do if you designed an enterprise storage system that was built from the ground up to leverage flash in every aspect of its design?

With XtremIO, EMC has done just that.

With none of the design constraints of hard drives, XtremIO has created a storage system so powerful yet simple that it defies every notion you’ve ever had about complex storage environments.

XtremIO’s incredibly fast low-latency performance is only the beginning. Enterprise-grade, high-availability, reliability, and data protection are also built in. A low space, power, and cooling profile is a given.

Cost efficiency is delivered with automatic thin provisioning, real-time inline data reduction, and low overhead yet multi-failure-safe data protection. Array-based copy services that perform without limits open a realm of functionality never before possible.

What does it all mean?

An enterprise storage system that improves data center productivity – both for applications and IT staff.

The XtremIO all-flash scale-out enterprise storage array provides substantial improvements to I/O performance. Because it’s purpose-built to leverage flash media, XtremIO delivers new levels of real-world performance, administrative ease, and advanced data services for applications.

With the freedom provided by random access storage media, the all-Flash EMC XtremIO storage array redefines the possible in complex application environments.

Fast, simple, efficient, and cost-effective, XtremIO arrays are changing the future of enterprise data centers.

To find out how XtremIO can change the future of your data center, contact your Zones account executive or call 800.408.ZONES to arrange a data center evaluation at your facility.

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