Everyone’s finding a cloud partner. Will you be next?

Everyone’s finding a cloud partner. Will you be next?When the business world first discovered the potential of cloud computing for workplace modernization, it was quick to gain traction. Corporate IT leaders realized right away there were immense benefits to moving their data away from legacy infrastructures and adopting agile new storage systems. What followed was a decade of cloud providers growing in scope and countless companies partnering with them.

This naturally raised a question – the growth couldn’t keep up forever, could it? Wouldn’t we eventually reach a point of market saturation where there were no new cloud adopters left?

The answer: Don’t hold your breath. There’s plenty of data out there to suggest that the cloud infrastructure market is still going strong, and that corporate IT offices are still devoting time and money to revamping their storage architectures. For example, research released in August by Canalys’ Cloud Channels Analysis service shows that cloud sales totaled $26.3 billion during the second quarter of 2019, representing an increase of $7.2 billion over that same time period a year ago – the largest year-over-year increase ever. So much for the idea of a bursting “bubble.”

It’s important to note that companies aren’t turning just anywhere when they shop for cloud services. Specifically, they’re seeking out reliable business partners that they can trust to handle every aspect of the cloud integration process. They want providers who can manage the full lifecycle, starting when they first begin making their cloud plans and continuing years into the future. Here’s Daniel Liu, a research analyst at Canalys:

“Businesses are turning to partners to help them define the right clouds for different workloads, to manage and secure their complex multi-cloud environments, as well as overcome the challenges of cloud governance, cost control, compliance, and integration,” Liu said.

In particular, one corner of the cloud sector that’s growing is the market for new partnerships with Microsoft’s Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program. CSPs do more than just resell licenses to use cloud tools – they become intimately involved in their customers’ business, which helps them understand their specific IT needs and offer them new products and services that will create real value. As the cloud market continues to evolve, it helps to have a partner by your side who can help you respond to every new development.

At Zones, we’re proud to be one of the top CSPs. We provide 24/7 support to clients who are looking to integrate Microsoft’s suite of cloud-based offerings including Azure, Office 365, and more. Our Solution Architects have industry-recognized certifications in designing and deploying Microsoft services, and our company’s strong relationship with Microsoft makes it easy for us to leverage customer programs and ensure a smooth, seamless cloud transition for any organization that needs it.

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