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Enhancing the efficiency, scalability and mobility of cloud computing

Zones Cloud Solutions

Cloud computing is revolutionizing IT service delivery by enabling a more efficient and more flexible way to meet the technology needs of your organization.

The primary reason our clients choose cloud computing is to reduce the cost and complexity of IT. From a financial standpoint, cloud solutions represent an operational expense (OpEx) rather than a capital expense (CapEx), with little to no upfront investment required. Thereafter, you only pay for what you need and use, much like a utility bill. And it gets better: cloud solutions greatly reduce the need to purchase, maintain and refresh expensive hardware, and eliminate the associated staffing costs. That adds up to significant savings – and frees up your IT staff to focus on more strategic projects.

The cloud also delivers tremendous flexibility and scalability – allowing IT to immediately provision resources to meet increasing demands. That means never losing business while you wait for additional resources. And when demand is reduced, you can turn off those resources, avoiding the cost of maintaining excess capacity.

Organizations that leverage cloud solutions enable their employees to access information and programs from anywhere at any time and from any device, increasing the efficiency and productivity of an increasingly mobile workforce.

A uniquely qualified guide for your journey to the cloud

Whether you’re considering your first cloud deployment or expanding your presence in the cloud, teaming up with an experienced partner is the key to success.

You want a partner who understands the entire cloud landscape; a partner who can introduce you to all of the key players in cloud today; a partner who will be there through every phase of licensing, migration, deployment, management, and support; a partner who will stand by you, should unexpected challenges arise; and a partner who can streamline every step in the process, to accelerate the return on your cloud investment.

Zones is that partner.

Zones provides a team of Cloud Solution Specialists dedicated to identifying the best solution for your organizational, technological, and financial objectives while easing your transition to cloud computing.

We also provide the password-protected Zones Cloud Marketplace, where you can explore cloud solution offerings, provision cloud resources in real time, or submit requests for cloud consultations. Featuring technologies from leading providers such as Adobe Creative Cloud, Cisco Intercloud, HP CloudSystem, Microsoft Azure and Office 365, Symantec.cloud and VMWare vCloud Air, Zones offers cloud solutions to meet all of your security, infrastructure, business continuity, communication and collaboration needs.

The Cloud Solutions team at Zones has helped hundreds of organizations achieve success in the cloud. Our broad range of cloud resources simplifies deployment of cloud solutions across all categories, from security and unified communications to infrastructure-as-a-service:

  • An extensive portfolio of leading cloud solution providers for private, public, and hybrid cloud
  • Cloud solution specialists to consult and assess your current IT environment and pain points, and recommend the right cloud solutions to meet your business needs
  • Pre- and post-sales engineers and solution architects to prepare, migrate, deploy, and support your cloud solutions
  •  Automatic cloud provisioning available from select partners through the Zones Cloud Marketplace

Ask your Zones account executive to connect you with our cloud experts, and prepare for a surprisingly smooth journey to the cloud.

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