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Detect, deter, and analyze security events

Making true end-to-end security a reality

Private businesses and public entities are responding to rising concerns about theft, fraud, and terrorism by extending infrastructure security to include a focus on physical security and surveillance systems.

In addition to deploying advanced data, network, application, server, and endpoint security solutions, the Zones Advanced Solutions Group team work alongside an organization’s security personnel to develop plans, train staff, and implement systems such as surveillance cameras, access controls, and paging and radio systems. This approach helps protect against threats from man-made and natural disasters. What’s more, systems can be far more effective and can cost less to manage when tied together over an existing IP network.

Putting physical security on the network

Zones IT solutions architects recommend using the network as an open, scalable platform for integrating security. This strategy increases opera­tional flexibility, improves protection capabilities, and can even enhance collaboration with local law enforcement organizations.

Physical security solutions provide end-to-end support to quickly detect incidents and correlate and prioritize key information, enabling faster and more effective collaboration among incident response personnel.

Zones is helping organizations combine video surveillance, access control, and incident response using Cisco Physical Security solutions. And since they are based on open standards, Zones engineers can easily integrate them along with products from our other IT partners and existing systems to meet specific requirements.

With deployments in industries such as education, municipalities, transportation, retail, healthcare, and more, such solutions meet the uncompromising needs of today’s safety and security professionals.

Zones security solutions and services

Security assessments: Zones solutions architects conduct security design and compliance assessments. These services provide insight into where control gaps may be leaving an organization at unacceptable risk.

Server: Today’s solutions provide comprehensive server protection and management for physical, virtual, and cloud deployments. Discover workloads for complete security visibility, set desired security policies, and expand workloads into the cloud while maintaining regulatory compliance.

Endpoint: Protecting endpoints, whether connected to a network or roaming on the Internet, means choosing solutions that provide continuous and integrated detection, response, and remediation capabilities. The latest solutions provide unrivaled security, superior performance, and intelligent management across both physical and virtual environments.

Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI): In standard VDI deployments, traditional endpoint security software is installed within each guest, which can impact performance. New security solutions are designed to make security simpler and more scalable by consolidating scanning processes and signature updates outside of the VMs, efficiently protecting all virtualized desktops.

Database: Organizations of any size can take advantage of a database security solution that offers real-time, reliable protection for business-critical databases from external, internal, and intra-database threats. A typical deployment requires no architecture changes, costly hardware, or database downtime.

Incident response: Security over an IP network allows push-to-talk communications on radio handsets, networks, laptop and PC clients, telephones, and mobile phones. Dispatch consoles and mobile clients for smartphones facilitate sharing of voice, video and data.

Surveillance data management: Software applications are available to protect the data generated by security systems against accidental, premature, or malicious alteration or deletion.

Video surveillance IP cameras: Video surveillance IP cameras enable security in a wide variety of environments. IP cameras are available in standard and high-definition, box and dome, wired and wireless, and stationery and pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) versions.

Physical access control: Scalable and flexible, access control solutions can manage from one to several thousand doors. Systems can be monitored remotely, and in many cases, may be customized to use IP network services.

Leveraging advanced security not only protects your systems from threats; it protects your people, productivity, and profitability against a wide range of vulnerabilities. Your Zones account executive can put you in touch with the security specialists from our ASG team, who can help you bring a higher level of security to your environment.

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