Data backup and restore are now more crucial than ever

Data backup and restore are now more crucial than ever

Corporate IT offices have been hard at work this year on any number of new projects, not the least of which is revamping their approach to data center transformation. Given how many people these days are working remotely, which means they’re accessing data in different ways than they did previously, it’s been challenging for IT to shift gears and create new, agile infrastructures for storing and managing all of that data. In all of this commotion, it’s easy to overlook a crucial part of the process – data backup and restore.

This can be an issue with any data architecture. Take Microsoft Office 365, for instance – O365 is an extremely reliable platform that makes it easy for users to save, access, and share their files, but even with O365, it’s important to have backup strategies in place. Many are under the mistaken impression that O365 performs backups for its users – in reality, it has some basic data protection mechanisms in place, but not nearly enough to fully secure your organization.

The classic example is what happens when you accidentally delete something, either from your email inbox or from a platform like SharePoint. On the surface, this would seem totally fine – there is a Recycle Bin handy that allows you to recover your lost file easily. But what happens if malware deletes something from your system, and no one notices until after it’s too late? Or if a rogue administrator clears the Recycle Bin and you’re left without a fall-back option? There are countless disaster scenarios like this, and often, they leave you in a “dumpster diving” situation that you should really avoid at all costs.

At Zones, we have a solution for this problem – we’ve teamed up with Veeam to offer a valuable tool for Backup as a Service (BaaS). BaaS-O365 is a new backup and recovery service for organizations that employ Microsoft Office 365. With BaaS-O365 on your side, you’ll have complete backup and recovery for all of your O365 Business and Enterprise data, including Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, and OneDrive for Business.

The way it works is simple but effective. BaaS-O365 automates data backups for your organization, managing and monitoring them around the clock. This all but eliminates the risk of files being lost, whether due to human error or otherwise. As a result, your IT team will be freed up to concentrate more on projects that drive real value for your organization.

At Zones, we’ve seen firsthand this year how companies have shifted their data management strategies on the fly. Office 365 is now used by over 1 million organizations worldwide, and adoption is likely to keep increasing as we move forward. As remote work continues to increase, platforms like O365 will only become more valuable. This makes it all the more important to have a backup and restore strategy in place. Together, Zones and Veeam can help you develop one.

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