Are you ready for Windows 10?

Ready or not, here’s Windows 10.

Whether Microsoft’s latest operating system is proliferating in the corporate space due to consumer adoption, or through sheer force in partnership with OEMs, we know that businesses are adopting Windows 10 twice as fast as Windows 7. Intel Kaby Lake (7th generation) processors will only support Windows 10. Devices with Windows 7 or 8.1 running on Intel Skylake (6th generation) chips will lose support in July of this year.

IT departments are pressed for time and have limited options. Either upgrade all devices to Windows 10 Enterprise via volume licensing, or manage two operating systems as devices are refreshed. Choosing the former option allows your organization to fully take advantage of Windows 10 Enterprise edition, in particular.

More Secure. More Personal.

Windows 7 was built to withstand the security threats of 2009. It was designed when the iPhone was only two years old. Today, security threats are more sophisticated, with many being state sponsored. Users expect to have the same experience with their technology, regardless of whether they are at home or work. Fully adopting Windows 10 brings consumer-based functionality to users, while advancing data security to protect sensitive data at the device. IT can now cater to users and data security needs on the Windows 10 platform.



Planning your deployment.

A full operating system upgrade can tax IT resources, as it involves testing, planning, and deployment. But you don’t have to go it alone. Zones Advanced Solutions Group (ASG) has a systematic approach to operating system upgrades and management. Understanding that Windows 10 upgrades go beyond the operating system itself, Zones services provide comprehensive end-point and mobility services.


Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) readiness assessments give IT and business leaders estimates on upgrade and overall management costs. In addition, a mobility health check takes the conversation beyond the desktop, analyzing how the business is utilizing mobile technology, and how the business can further increase productivity with mobile technology.


Windows 10 is the same, but every business is different. Zones solutions architects design a Windows 10 proof of concept with the IT team, then help pilot the modern operating system in the business.


Windows 10 is deployed either through device upgrade, installing the proven Windows 10 image on existing devices, or a device refresh. Zones can configure and deploy all devices at the integration center, then deliver ready to use devices anywhere in the country.


Once Windows 10 is deployed, Zones is still your partner in managing the ecosystem. Zones can augment helpdesk services when appropriate, manage the corporate image, and provide System Center administrative services.

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