Apple technology can drive superior employee training and enablement

Apple technology can drive superior employee training and enablement

One key aspect of workplace modernization is giving your employees all the training resources they need to be successful. This is especially true if you operate in a dynamic workplace, where people constantly need to be learning new skills and new technologies. If you don’t give people the IT tools needed to learn quickly and efficiently, your business is only squandering productivity.

Unfortunately, 2020 has been a challenging year in that regard. In the past, most job training took place on site – people would show up to the office and learn essential skills in classrooms, or they’d absorb knowledge by shadowing others on the job and seeing them in real-life work scenarios. This year, that’s ceased to be a viable option for many, as employees are increasingly working remotely, or perhaps returning to work only gradually. The challenge now is to help employees learn new skills even when they can’t be in direct physical contact with others.

It’s been challenging for companies to adapt on the fly, as the paradigm shifted dramatically this year, with little warning. Corporate IT leaders have worked quickly to adopt new solutions – they’ve drawn up plans for virtual training, revamped enablement programs, and more. As it gradually becomes clear that remote work is the new normal, businesses are finding new technologies to help them overcome the unique challenges of the era.

That’s where Apple comes in. A training and enablement solution designed for Apple products can help any business to properly train employees and share important safety updates, all on a user-friendly interface that employees will love. Apple products are intuitive and easy to use, which means employees can save time they would otherwise spend learning new technologies, and they’re also inherently mobile. Employees who tackle training initiatives on Apple devices can take their work anywhere, any time.

During these times, with many employees working remotely and many others beginning to return to work, training and enablement are sure to be top priorities. Businesses want to be sure their people have the skills they need to stay productive. With a distributed workforce in place and strategies and procedures constantly evolving, enablement is key to helping employees to thrive in their new roles and managers to lead them effectively.

As we all move forward with this “new normal,” there are a lot of questions on the minds of many corporate leaders. How are you training new employees? How are you tracking what new information they receive? How are you onboarding people and integrating them successfully into your culture? With the right technology from Apple – and service from the experts at Zones to help get you up and running – you can tackle all these challenges and more.

An Apple training and enablement solution will help you train employees, develop talent, and share important safety updates with your employees. Let’s get started today.

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