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4 ways Apple is reshaping the future of healthcare technology

For as long as there have been IT departments, there has been a focus on workplace modernization in the world. Giving people new and emerging technologies has always been a way to empower them and inspire them to do their best work. But that’s especially true today, as the nature of work rapidly evolves, and the nature of “workplace IT” quickly changes with it. We now truly have a chance to bring IT into the future.

This is perhaps especially true in healthcare. Given the events of the last year and change, it’s well understood that the healthcare sector is under a great deal of pressure to treat as many patients as possible, as quickly and efficiently as possible. And that means healthcare IT leaders are eager to discover new technological advances that will bring added efficiency.

Apple is at the forefront of this movement. While Apple has always developed new devices and apps designed to fast-track people’s work, they’ve put an extra level of emphasis on healthcare of late. Apple technology today is perfect for enabling health professionals to work effectively in hospitals, connect remotely with patients, and conduct groundbreaking medical research.

Let’s take a closer look at four areas in which Apple is ushering in the future of healthcare.

  • Modernizing the hospital. Apple products transform the ways doctors and nurses are able to work with their patients. iPhone and iPad apps bring added efficiency to their daily routines, while also making it easier to access health records and dig up vital data. Additionally, having modern devices makes it easier for everyone – physicians, nurses, and patients alike – to stay well informed.
  • Improving home patient care. As technology evolves, more and more people are seeking ways to receive patient care without even leaving their homes. Apple makes this easier. iOS and iPadOS apps enable patients to stay connected with their healthcare professionals even when they’re not in the office. Whether it’s iPhone, Apple Watch, the Health app, or other HealthKit-enabled apps or medical devices, there are numerous Apple products that help people stay connected and in tune with their healthcare needs.
  • Giving people a holistic view. Patients don’t just want a one-time snapshot of their health – they want to stay constantly informed of their status, down to the minute, with real-time updates whenever anything changes. With the right devices, this can be arranged. Apple devices let people securely store and access their health records, then view them from a convenient portal that’s always just one screen away.
  • Ushering in the future. Apple doesn’t just allow for better healthcare today – they also have one eye on the future. By allowing healthcare professionals to create custom apps for medical research, Apple allows the industry to create new and innovative patient care strategies that will be effective in the years ahead. Healthcare is constantly evolving, and Apple is right at the center of that evolution.

Thanks to Apple, the future is bright for healthcare technology – and thanks to Zones, getting your hands on the Apple devices you need is easier than ever. Zones is proud to be an Apple partner – we’re here to help you integrate Apple into your workplace today. To learn more about how Apple’s products and our services can take your healthcare organization forward, connect with us today.

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