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4 key trends that will drive business success in 2022

Corporate leaders all over the world have long had a focus on workplace modernization – when you give people state-of-the-art places to work, complete with the best possible technology, you enable them to do their best work, thus driving your organization forward.

But now, two years into a global pandemic, the stakes are different. There’s been a massive disruption to the way everyone works on a daily basis. This means that merely modernizing work is no longer enough – instead, you must be prepared to completely reinvent it.

According to Korn Ferry, there’s been a dramatic change in the world of work over the last 24 months. To put it simply: The balance of power has shifted. People are reclaiming control. As today’s employees navigate working through a pandemic, they’ve begun to demand flexibility in everything they do. They demand autonomy over where they work, when they work, and how they work. This, in turn, poses an existential threat to businesses. Only those that adapt will survive.

In 2022, the greatest competitive advantage a business can have is the ability to handle the new power dynamic at work. It’s no longer just about productivity and profitability goals – the focus needs to be on people.

How can organizations best cater to their employees and empower them this year? The following four strategies can most definitely help.

  • Adapting to disruptive change: When the pandemic first began, companies entered into new ways of doing business that were forced and reactive. They had to scramble to come up with plans on the fly. Two years later, though, they know the landscape better, and they have time to map out strategies that work. How can they collaborate and innovate to create new, agile ways of driving business success?
  • Surviving talent shortages: Especially right now, with Omicron raging, there’s a dearth of available workers, which is causing major disruptions to daily operations. The most successful organizations in 2022 will be the ones that have coherent plans to overcome these challenges, keeping daily workflows afloat and avoiding any adverse outcomes for customers.
  • Prioritizing employee well-being: Wellness was always something of a focus, but during pandemic times, it’s even more so. It’s challenging not only to keep people physically healthy, but to help them stay mentally and emotionally balanced as well. Organizations that have a greater understanding and concern for these issues are going to have a more potent workforce overall.
  • Building a sustainable future: We’re no longer in “quick fix” territory – organizations today are in search of real, long-lasting infrastructure that will carry them through not just their present challenges, but an uncertain future too. During times of crisis, resilience is key.

To build a foundation that’s prepared for all of these challenges, with all the adaptiveness and sustainability they demand, you’ll need to begin by looking at your IT. And that’s where Zones can help. We offer a Remote Worker Solution that’s designed to simplify IT for your organization and enable everyone to succeed, whether they’re in the office or half a world away.

Our package includes everything you need – ranging from Lifecycle Management to support your IT assets to Mobile Asset Management and Endpoint Security Management to keep your users and their devices secure, plus a whole host of other offerings in between. To dive deeper into the capabilities we have to offer, all you have to do is reach out. We would love to hear from you.

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