Stop telecom from breaking your budget

It comes as no surprise that telecom expenses rise with the influx of new mobile technologies and expanding mobile infrastructures.

What’s surprising is that the cost of telecommunications ranks in the top 5 operating expenses for most companies, with up to 10 percent of those expenses being wasted due to lack of process, efficiency, and control.

The good news is that there are management solutions available. One of the best approaches is telecom expense management (TEM). TEM gives you the ability to track all of your fixed and mobile voice and data services; Internet, conferencing and collaboration; mobile; and messaging platforms.

TEM’s popularity is driven by its ability to reveal new areas of efficiency, and to deliver continual bottom line savings to enterprise consumers of telecom services. Another significant advantage – TEM can help identify and address issues in the security infrastructure.

A robust TEM solution aids a company in managing the costs for all fixed and mobile voice and data services. It starts with maintaining an accurate and complete inventory of all network elements, and then provides ongoing oversight over the accuracy of invoices and even contributes to negotiating for better service rates.

Reduce spending

Telecom invoices are likely to have billing mistakes due to errors in how contracts and special pricing arrangements are applied to accounts. And when not captured properly, service activities (move, add, change, and discount) can lead to overcharges. With TEM, companies gain visibility, control, and efficiency to ensure accurate billings and services.

Savings also come from cost avoidance and reductions in future spending. Companies can get valuable information to help negotiate lower rates and better contracts, eliminate unused services, and optimize wireless services to match consumption.

Increase efficiencies

Increasing efficiencies is a common cost-saving measure, and TEM is an effective tool that can lead to success. Companies find that a quality TEM solution goes beyond mere invoice management to:

  • Capture and manage billing history
  • Define and streamline workflow processes n Analyze and validate invoices
  • Centralize telecom data
  • Accurately inventory services and devices

Automating manual processes, savings from cost avoidance, refunds of carrier billing errors, and benefits from indirect savings add up quickly. But TEM helps companies not only reduce expenses, they get more value out of every telecom dollar.

Take charge of TEM and mobility

Telecom and device management eliminate silos of technology, processes, and policy to better manage company operations. With an integrated TEM and mobile device management (MDM) solution, companies can achieve significant benefits – improved end user experience, impressive ROI, and unparalleled security

Zones offers CellManage™, powered by MOBI, to manage the entire lifecycle of telecom assets and services.

Deploy: Remote and onsite device preparation, logistics, and training services to achieve optimal productivity from devices

Support: Asset management services that help maintain devices, carrier services, and mobile users through on-demand support

Save: Expense management services that reduce costs and efficiently manage the financial aspects of mobile programs

Decommission: Lifecycle services that decommission and trade-in end of life devices while keeping data safe

Customer Integration: Integration with enterprise systems to unlock efficiency and interoperability

MDM Integration: Integration with MDM to ensure seamless security and policy enforcement

Carrier Integration: Integrations with wireless carriers to centrally manage all the devices, lines, and carrier services associated with a mobile program

Portal: Cloud-based software as a service that enhances control and visibility of devices, carrier services, and people

For IT departments, Zones recommends MobileIron MDM to ensure that security and compliance requirements are in place to protect important corporate data. MDM is effective no matter the type of mobile device, and regardless of whether they are corporate- or user-owned.

The Zones services team helps companies integrate TEM and MDM with backend enterprise IT systems to meet the expectations of end users and IT departments.

  • Consultative services that guide in establishing mobile programs, policies, and processes
  • Secure deployment and management of mobile devices, and selective management of business and personal data on devices
  • Consistent role-based policies across different operating systems and selective management of business and personal data
  • Quality user experience protected by a transparent security layer that ensures automatic yet invisible corporate data protection

Zones mobility experts are ready to guide you through TEM and MDM deployments that will give you a comprehensive management solution that increases visibility, reduces costs, and preserves corporate data. Ask your Zones account executive to put you in touch with the Mobility Solutions team, or call 800.408.ZONES to get started.