Managing your data just got easier.

The volume of data that companies need to manage today is truly staggering – and it’s growing ever larger. Consider this: The International Data Corporation just released a report on the “datasphere” – the name given for all the world’s collective data – which projected that the total amount of data in the world today is around 33 zettabytes. That’s 33,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 bytes. By 2025, that figure is expected to reach nearly 175 zettabytes.

Now, while your business is only responsible for a tiny fraction of that number, the same phenomenon is probably happening to you, just on a smaller scale. Like most, your data is probably spiraling out of control. Every year, you’ll more than likely find yourself saddled with more files to store and more security concerns to worry about. And while these needs continue to grow, your budget, more than likely, does not. That means you’ve got to take the limited IT resources you have and find a way to do more with less. So, how can you outfit your business with a storage and data protection environment that will ultimately help you maximize performance? We can show you.

Our team of IT experts can collaborate with you at every step of the way as you work to create a winning storage game plan. We can evaluate your current system’s performance, identify any inefficiencies, and draw up a plan that will help you truly optimize the design and deployment of your IT infrastructure. There’s no need for guesswork when it comes to evaluating your storage architecture – Zones can help you zero in on clear, precise answers to your IT infrastructure challenges.

In today’s world, where data security threats run rampant, it’s not enough just to have a streamlined system for curating your data – you’ve also got to have a backup system, so that your employees can stay productive even in the face of unexpected data loss or downtime. This can be difficult to pull off when your people have files scattered across various physical, virtual, and cloud-based storage platforms. At Zones, we work to bridge those gaps and eliminate the complex business continuity challenges you face – helping to put your mind at ease.

We can also provide immeasurable help around the governance of your data, all without you having to give up control. In fact, we’ll give you all the tools you need to manage your data – including total visibility into your employees’ data and their behavior, plus monitoring across multiple devices – while you remain in control. Whether your company’s data resides in the cloud, on premise, or somewhere in between, we can make sure you’re managing it all optimally.

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