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Wi-Fi 6 is coming, and it can revolutionize your business

There are many reasons for companies today to make workplace modernization a top priority. Chief among them is access. To be effective in their jobs, your team members must have access to everything – their applications, their data, their services, and their networks – no matter where they work. And if there’s ever a breakdown in that access, it can put a real dent in employee productivity, threatening your business’ very existence.

What’s scary is that these days, it’s getting harder and harder to give employees the access they need. Demand for connectivity is rapidly increasing, as people are eager to explore new technologies like mobility and the Internet of Things. With each new device that comes onto your network, your bandwidth is stretched a little thinner. If you’re dealing with poor Wi-Fi coverage in any location where your business operates, be it an area of your facility or an employee’s home, you may find yourself dealing with issues like reduced employee productivity and the lost revenues that come with it.

This is where Wi-Fi 6 comes in. Known in the tech community by its full name, 802.11ax, Wi-Fi 6 is the latest wireless LAN architecture to come on the market. It represents a significant improvement over the previous standard – it allows more data to be transferred and more devices to be connected, not mention greater efficiency in power use. It works on all the same frequency channels as Wi-Fi 5, but it makes far better use of them.

Wi-Fi 6 will deliver immediate benefits to your business. The key distinction is that fifth-generation Wi-Fi networks, which most companies are using currently, can only broadcast to one device at a time, and they often face major slowdowns when multiple devices try to connect simultaneously. Wi-Fi 6 has no such issues. On top of that, Wi-Fi 6 also offers a target wake time feature (TWTF) to better preserve mobile device battery life, as well as bigger data transfers at speeds of up to 11 gigabytes per second.

When Wi-Fi 6 comes out later this year, it should be an instant driver of value for your business. With the faster transfer rate, your employees will be able to get 5G-level performance from their networks for a much lower price. This means everyone will be more productive, whether they’re working out of your main office or remotely from another location that’s equipped with Wi-Fi 6, like an airport or a coffee shop. It’s no exaggeration to say Wi-Fi 6 will change the world.

At Zones, we have what it takes to help you make the most of Wi-Fi 6. We have a proven track record designing, implementing, and managing Wi-Fi networking solutions for countless clients. We have strategic relationships with a number of elite networking partners, and we use our industry connections to find the best possible technology solutions for each new client we work with. Whether you’re looking to maximize your Wi-Fi 6 investment or do anything else to improve your company’s technology, we’re at your service.

Want to know more about our Workplace Modernization offerings? We’ve got you covered. Check out our website and get the inside scoop.

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