Why it’s crucial to back up your company’s Microsoft Office 365 data

Why it's crucial to back up your company's Microsoft Office 365 data

Amid all the changes taking place in the business world this year, data center transformation has become a top priority for many. It’s not hard to understand why – the workforce has been turned upside down by the pandemic, and people have been forced to make dramatic changes to the ways they work each day. With more employees working remotely than ever before, companies need data management infrastructures that can cater to a remote workforce’s needs.

Microsoft Office 365 has become a major part of this movement. With over 200 million users, O365 has proven to be an essential tool for the modern business, offering employees a wide range of valuable apps including OneDrive, SharePoint Online, Exchange Online, Project Online, Teams, and Groups.

When you add up all the data being created and curated on these platforms, it becomes clear that data backup is going to be a major challenge here. What the modern business needs is a backup solution that can handle a wide range of challenges, including retention policies for compliance, flexible restore options, and the ability to store multiple backup copies in multiple environments.

When it comes to O365 data backup, you and Microsoft share joint responsibility. Microsoft does provide some backup capabilities for you, including a physical security infrastructure in their data centers and some mechanisms for data storage replication and redundancy. They will also protect you against natural disasters that affect their own data centers. But when you add all that up, there are still a number of gaps to be concerned about. What happens if a user mistakenly deletes a file, or a hacker or virus damages your cloud data? You’re going to need some protection of your own.

Whatever strategy you use for data backup must be a thorough one. Some organizations are content simply to back up their users’ files once a day, but that shouldn’t be deemed good enough. Imagine what would happen if you backed up your company’s data every morning, and then a virus came along and swept away a large amount of data at the end of the day? You’d risk losing a full day’s work across your whole organization, and that can have a staggering financial impact. No – you must have an approach that’s more vigilant.

Thankfully, Zones and Metallic have teamed up to offer a solution. When you work with us, you’ll get enterprise-grade data protection that is scalable, flexible, and secure. You won’t just be backing up your files once a day – you’ll have constant, around-the-clock backup capabilities, meaning you can recover from any incident without skipping a beat. It works quickly, too – Metallic’s Office 365 Backup & Recovery solution is a Software as a Service (SaaS) application that can be up and running for your business within minutes.

During these challenging times, it’s crucial to have the support of an IT business partner that can lead you on your digital transformation journey. At Zones, we can be that partner. We understand how data management challenges are evolving in 2020 and beyond, and we’re here to help your business continue to thrive. With our knowledge, our experience, and our strategic relationships with top-notch IT partners like Metallic, we can make Data Center Transformation a reality for your business.

Don’t wait to take your data backup capabilities to the next level. Explore our website, and find out how you can take action today.

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