Why an O365 data backup strategy is essential for your business

Why an O365 data backup strategy is essential for your business

Especially during times like these, it’s important for corporate IT decision-makers to make data center transformation a priority. Right now, there are millions of workers being forced to adjust to new ways of doing work. They’re often remote, working from their homes instead of their usual offices, and that means different apps and devices. But one thing remains the same – people need access to their data, and they need it to be fast and reliable, as always. How can IT deliver?

One answer to that question is to lean on Microsoft Office 365, a platform that allows even the largest enterprises to work from anywhere, anytime, knowing their emails and other files will be hosted for them. With O365, employees are able to work with confidence, enjoying easy access to all the data that’s important to them.

There’s just one catch. Even though O365 hosts your company’s data, you’re still responsible for it – and you still have an obligation to monitor and secure it. When it comes to backing up your most business-critical O365 data, that part is on you.

There are a number of common issues with data management that make comprehensive backup solutions a clear necessity. For starters, the typical enterprise has to worry about both internal security threats, such as employees leaking data, and external ones, such as hackers who infiltrate your network. There are also potential problems like accidental file deletion, retention policy gaps, legal and compliance requirements, and mistakes in O365 migration that lead to lost data. To defend against all of these potential issues, you need a solution that’s truly comprehensive.

Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 can be that solution. Veeam Backup allows you to store extra copies in reserve for all of your most important data, whether it’s in O365, on-premises Microsoft Exchange, or on-premises Microsoft SharePoint applications, including Microsoft OneDrive for Business. Veeam Backup makes it easy to protect against all of those possible sources of data loss, as well as quickly restore files whenever an incident does happen.

At Zones, we have the capability to help you get up and running with both O365 and Veeam Backup. We have a proven track record of designing and implementing disaster recovery solutions for our clients, and we know how to maximize both your data recovery speed and your cost savings when doing so. On top of that, we have strong partnerships with tech companies like Microsoft, Veeam and many others, which means we can work together with them to fine-tune a solution that’s perfect for you.

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