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We’re witnessing an era of data center transformation in healthcare

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Not long ago, it was difficult for patients to get the healthcare services they needed in a timely fashion. They’d show up to hospitals or clinics, fill out paperwork, wait in waiting rooms, and eventually, they’d get a doctor or nurse to take a look at their medical situation. The process was often time-consuming and expensive.

Luckily, our modern era has brought a wave of new developments in data center transformation, and as a result, patients have a wide range of new and improved ways to get the care they need.

According to Healthcare IT News, healthcare professionals have been pushing their employers to adopt new technologies that will give them greater speed and agility in everything they do. This push has naturally led healthcare organizations to adopt more mobile and cloud-based tools – which means instead of automatically storing files in the same data centers they always have, health pros are branching out and starting to embrace other tools and platforms.

“With or without the cloud, our end users – the devices that they use for work and the data that we seek to secure – have all become mobile,” said Anahi Santiago, chief information security officer for Christiana Care Health System. “The notion of keeping everything within the four walls of the organization is no longer realistic. Our end users and customers want access from anywhere and from any device and the cloud facilitates such access.”

What Santiago and others have figured out is that ultimately, it’s the cloud that makes truly modernized healthcare delivery possible. In the old days, people’s medical records were recorded on paper and stashed away in filing cabinets; they could only get care from doctors who could access those records and see their patients in person. Things are changing today, as health records are gradually moving to the cloud. There are still some details for organizations to figure out, such as the right balance between public and private cloud tools, but for the most part, health organizations are opening their eyes to the benefits. These include greater patient satisfaction, smoother caregiver workflow, and of course a much-needed helping hand for organizations dealing with ever-growing storage needs.

For healthcare organizations wondering how the cloud can be a game-changer, Zones is ready to show the way. Every day, we help healthcare IT decision-makers to identify new technologies that can help them improve patient and caregiver experience results. We work to usher in clinical analytics, improve health data security and of course, make mobile health and telehealth options possible.

All of this begins with delving into the cloud. At Zones, we can help make this happen, as it’s a fundamental part of the Data Center Transformation package we have to offer. Dive deeper into our site, and you’ll get all the details.

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