Simplify security and save money with Microsoft solutions

Simplify security and save money with Microsoft solutions

Digital transformation is a common trend that’s taking place across the business world right now. Companies worldwide are broadening their digital estates – they’re adopting new apps, adding new endpoints, and encouraging their employees to access more sources of data than ever before. This is all very exciting, but it also puts a great deal of pressure on today’s organizations – now, more than ever, it’s crucial to prioritize security fortification.

As businesses expand their digital footprint, they now find themselves hard-pressed to defend against a wide range of new cyberthreats. And often, they’re doing so with a highly complicated patchwork of security solutions. According to a recent survey from CSS Insight, the average large company is using 70 different security products from 35 different vendors. And this process isn’t just complicated – it’s also expensive. The average large organization is now spending $16.7 million per year on security software and the people to maintain it.

Microsoft works hard to create security solutions that can help with this problem. Microsoft products make simplicity a top priority, while still helping organizations defend against every potential cyberthreat in front of them. Microsoft Security represents a solution that allows organizations to consolidate their security vendor ecosystem, which should mitigate risks while driving costs down. Their solutions also use AI and automation to reduce security blind spots.

When you upgrade to a simpler security solution, you’ll discover myriad ways to save money in your organization’s budget. Paying for fewer security software licenses is just the beginning of it. What Microsoft really offers is built-in security across your whole IT infrastructure, from deployment to management to support. You’ll pay fewer vendors, hire fewer services, maintain less IT infrastructure, and more. On the whole, we’ve found that clients who move forward with Microsoft 365 Security save 52% on average.

To help you unlock all these benefits, our team at Zones is happy to provide a little guidance. We encourage you to participate in our Microsoft Security and Threat Workshop – in this workshop, we’ll help you develop a strategic security plan based on the recommendations of Microsoft’s experts. If you attend, you’ll walk away with precise knowledge of the threats to your IT environment, plus actionable next steps that you can take using the latest tools.

There are a lot of IT solution providers you could partner with as you make this investment, but there’s only one quite like Zones. As security gets more and more complex, you need a partner that truly has the knowledge and experience to guide you through it – and we are uniquely positioned to be that partner. We know security, and we know Microsoft too. We’ll help you map out a security strategy that’s smart, cost-effective, and guaranteed to yield results.

Ready to get started? To schedule a Security and Threat Workshop, all you’ve got to do is contact your Zones Account Manager. Or just register online.

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