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Say goodbye to IT time sinks.

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Did you know that 34% of network managers use 11 or more tools for network monitoring and troubleshooting (EMA Research 2018)? When your business runs on a legacy network, chances are your IT department is spending too much time – and too many resources – keeping things afloat. Older networks can’t match the rapid pace of app development, and constantly trying to catch up prevents your IT team from focusing on more pressing matters.

Instead of sinking time into dated technology, try optimizing your network with software-centric solutions and ongoing support from a partner like Zones. With that pairing, you’ll enjoy all of the following advantages and more:

  • Business continuity and operational efficiency, keeping your network connected and running optimally at all times
  • IT troubleshooting so that your customers can focus on more transformational IT projects
  • Scalability and flexibility, both essential for growing businesses
  • Access to highly specialized, certified network engineers who stay current with industry best practices
  • Ability to push policies across the network when needed

And combining cutting-edge technology and ongoing support is what Zones does best. Click below to learn how our networking solutions and our new Managed Wireless Services can start optimizing your network today.

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