Revolutionize your company’s data storage

Businesses today struggle with the increasing amount of data that they need to store, manage, and back up.Netapp-Blog-graphic-742x388 Growing competitive pressure and 24-hour business cycles require that your mission critical business processes and data remain accessible around the clock.

With your business environment in a constant state of evolution, you need a more agile approach to storage that can eliminate downtime, improve the efficiency of your infrastructure and your IT staff, scale nondisruptively as your business grows, and quickly adapt to changing business requirements. 

Adapt to changing needs, reduce risk and cost

Clustered Data ONTAP (cDOT) addresses the challenges facing your growing and dynamic business by extending the innovation of NetApp Data ONTAP, the world’s number one branded storage operating system. Its unified cluster architecture scales and adapts to your changing needs, reducing risk and cost. NetApp cDOT is designed to eliminate downtime, allowing you to service your infrastructure without disrupting access to user data and applications, even during regular business hours.

Proven operational efficiency will help you simplify your overall storage environment and manage storage infrastructure at scale by automating important processes and increasing productivity.

Zones can help you can add capacity as you grow across both SAN and NAS environments without reconfiguring running applications and let you start small and grow big without the disruptive hardware upgrades required by other storage vendors.

NetApp cDOT not only adapts to your changing data needs, it provides up to 24 storage controllers – or nodes – managed as a single logical pool so your operations scale more easily.  It also supports the broadest set of storage protocols, and is the only provider to deliver full SAN and NAS data access from a single, unified scale-out platform.

And more, with cDOT you’ll also get:

Nondisruptive Operations

  • Storage maintenance, hardware lifecycle operations, and software upgrades will not interrupt your business
  • Planned and unplanned downtime is eliminated

 Proven Efficiency

  • Comprehensive storage efficiency brings cost reductions.
  • As your capacity gets scaled down, increased efficiency will follow.

 Seamless Scalability

  • Your capacity, performance, and operations are scaled without compromise.
  • Combine different generations of storage hardware for investment protection

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The Zones storage solutions architect and Zones account executive can help you assess your organization’s data needs using a variety of tools to develop a detailed blueprint of your existing infrastructure as well as the applications and data types running within it. You can reach out to them by calling 800.408.ZONES today.