Lenovo offers powerful processing to keep you up and running

Lenovo offers powerful processing to keep you up and running

The events of the past year have forced business leaders to reexamine a lot of things – not the least of which is their approach to workplace modernization. The process has become a lot more complicated in the last 12 months – it’s no longer sufficient just to stock your office environment with the best possible devices and apps and call it a day. No – in this new era, your employees could be anywhere, and so could their technology. You’ve got to adjust accordingly.

What you really need is to outfit your employees – wherever they may be – with devices that offer powerful processing and will keep them up and running at all times. Thankfully, that’s exactly what you get from Lenovo, whose T Series laptops are built to perform and engineered to endure. T Series devices have got you covered always, whether you’re in the office, out in the field, working from home, or anywhere in between. And no matter where you go, you’ll have productivity-rich features like long battery life, blazing-fast USB–C Thunderbolt ports.

Even during these difficult times, you still want to do everything you can to realize your full potential with each work day. And if you have the right technology at your fingertips, that’s still possible. No matter the circumstances, the T Series can put you in position to succeed. It offers up to 27 hours of battery life, extremely fast file-load times, and boot-ups that take just seconds from start to finish. Not only that, but with convenient side docking on the newest models of T Series laptops, you’re able to connect to monitors, speakers, and more, all with just a quick snap.

With any workplace device, durability is key. You don’t want to worry whether your laptop will be able to hold up in challenging conditions – you want to trust that your technology will always be there and your work will always continue unimpeded. And with Lenovo, that’s not a problem. ThinkPad devices are tested against 12 military-grade requirements and more than 200 quality checks to ensure they’ll always be able to run, even in extreme conditions. Their devices have been to the top of Mount Everest and the depths of the ocean – there’s no environment where they can’t thrive.

Security is obviously important as well, especially in the current environment where it’s so difficult to defend every endpoint. With Lenovo laptops, you can enjoy an entirely new level of protection. Lenovo has worked closely together with Microsoft to build a line of secured-core PCs, all of which feature deeply integrated hardware, firmware, and software security. Today’s cyberattackers are rapidly increasing in sophistication, but when you go with Lenovo, you can be sure that your technology is evolving too. You’ll be ready for whatever threats come your way.

These are challenging times right now for any business, but with Lenovo, you can find all the technology you need to get through them. And in Zones, you’ve got the perfect business partner to get you up and running. We can size up your current IT environment, identify your strengths and weaknesses, and help you identify the precise technology needs you have to fill. From there, we’ll help you get set up with everything you need – tablets, laptops, desktops, workstations, you name it. Just connect with us, and we can get that process started today.

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